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Category: Wholesale Distribution

Go to contact information heralds the arrival of a solution made expressly for manufacturers of retail products! It includes:
  • exposure to tens of thousands of retailers worldwide
  • promotion of their products in 15 languages
  • support of over 500 allied global offices
  • unique state-of-the-art technology

Over the years, world trade has undergone many transformations. Yet, for most independent entrepreneurs and small/medium-sized suppliers/manufacturers (suppliers/manufacturers), getting their products onto the shelves of retail outlets is a difficult process which usually depends on an inadequate infrastructure of distributors, middlemen, and retail store buyers (retailers/buyers).

Direct from Manufacturer to Retailer - No Middlemen is a revolutionary business-to-business e-commerce solution aimed at fostering entrepreneurial growth and opening new markets by utilizing the vast power of the internet along with unique state-of-the-art technology to facilitate wholesale distribution directly between suppliers/manufacturers and retailers/buyers around the globe.

With a target supplier/manufacturer base of 24 million, along with a target retailer base of 500,000, and a total suite of ready-to-go support services, is the future of international commerce and represents the easiest, most cost-effective, and most profitable solution ever to hit the retail world.'s Worldwide Launch's launch on May 9th, 2000 opens with over 10,000 products which can be viewed in 15 different languages on the online catalog, with access to over 150,000 retailers. It is the largest source in the world for new products for retail with content that is equal to 60 catalogs, giving retailers the widest and most diverse array of new products.'s Board of Advisors include:
  • Howard Keating, CEO
  • Harold K. Sperlich (Chair)
  • Robert Faught
  • The Honorable Robert Keith Gray
  • Thomas G. Payne
  • William Ray
  • The Honorable Donald T. Regan
  • Reid Rundell
  • Gary Wetstein
  • The Honorable Clayton Yeutter

500 International Offices provides vital transaction/negotiation support to its users with nearly 500 international offices to assist with related services including video conferencing, due diligence, language interpretation, cultural assistance, import/export advice, and customs issues.

In addition, provides an extensive database of resources and service providers for necessary development services like packaging, design, etc. and education on negotiation and details of manufacturing, packaging, design, logistics, etc.'s State of the Art Technology's sophisticated software includes the following key features for its users:

  • in-depth catalog search capabilities helps buyers find exactly the right products for their retail stores
  • allows most product information to be pre-translated into 15 languages (at the time of launch) with up to 40 languages in the future
  • provides suppliers/manufacturers with a guaranteed number of site visitors
  • suppliers/manufacturers can quickly and easily update their product pages as often as necessary
  • a rating system enables both retailers/buyers and supplier/manufacturers to provide feedback on their transactions for future users to view
  • a complex reporting system shows users a report and activity log of all transactions, interactions, along with user ratings and reference systems Benefits

  1. Retailers can now view products from their offices without having to physically attend a tradeshow - saving time and travel expenses.
  2. Geographic barriers between Manufacturers and Retailers are eliminated.
  3. No middlemen.
  4. Puts the future of commerce into the hands of all business people - buyers and manufactuers.
  5. Near future plans include a web TV show and a weekly virtual trade show showcasing a variety of theme-related products.

Contact Information

Contact: Jeremy Fife Title: Director of Sales
Address: 330 Hamilton Ste 300, Birmingham, MI 48009
Phone: 248 988-8989 | Fax: 248 988-9353
Official Web Site:

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