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Category: Seeking Products

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Applied Garden Designs

Hefty Hose Hanger
Developed by Bob Edmiston, the Hefty Hose Hanger is the company's biggest seller. Whereas many hose hangers only last a year or two, requiring replacement, the Hefty Hose Hanger is rust-proof and holds up to 150 feet of hose, lasting a lifetime.

Applied Garden Designs is a company established in 1985 that sells products to mail order catalogues related to the field of gardening and outdoors such as innovative garden tools, ornaments, and environmentally friendly products.

Seeking Unique Products

Applied Garden Designs is seeking unique products that are currently being manufactured to add to its product line. Some requirements include:

  • The owner or manufacturer should have adequate inventory to fill fluctuating and sometimes unexpected demand for the product.
  • The product should be priced right.
  • Promotional materials are needed that clearly communicate the products' features and selling points so the product can be efficiently promoted.
  • an exclusive right to market to the mail order market is generally required and the usual rep fee for Applied Garden Designs is 15-20%.

Applied Garden Designs also sells products at wholesale to vendors interested in re-sale of the products (must have a valid re-sale certificate).

Some of the catalogues that Applied Garden Designs works with are: Smith & Hawkin, Brookstone, Home Trends, Modern Farm, Hammacher Schlemmer, Vermont Country Store, Improvements, Sportys, Plough & Hearth, Solutions and Alsto.
One of the products represented by Applied Garden Designs, "Bugmaster" repels insect pests while you garden, lounge, picnic, and walk around outside. Pleasant smelling, and non-toxic. Comes in stick-on strips or wrist bands. Safe to use for kids, around food. Protects against mosquitoes, flies, gnats and more.

Applied Garden Designs' first product was the Hefty Hose Hanger (shown above) developed and patented by Bob Edmiston to fill a request of one of his landscaping customers.

Bob sold the hose hanger to retail nurseries and hardware stores and a mail order catalogue - Smith and Hawkin.

Due to the success of the mail order catalogue sales, soon other catalogues took on the product and the Hefty Hose Hanger continues to be the company's biggest seller.


Contact Information

Contact: Bob Edmiston Title: Marketing Director
Organization: Applied Garden Designs
Address: 1253 N. Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Phone: 323 644-5573 | Fax: 323 644-5505
Official Web Site:

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