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Welcome to the Invention ConnectionTM!

Are you a member of the VIP Trade?

You qualify as a "VIP Trade" if you are looking for new consumer products and/or new environmental products and technologies and are in one of the following categories:

business angels | buyers | catalog companies | corporations and businesses seeking new products and inventions | corporate buyers | distributors | entrepreneurs | importers/exporters | investors | licensees | manufacturers | marketers | partners | patent attorneys | product developers | product scout | professional service providers | prototype makers | R & D executives | tool & die makers | venture capitalists | anyone interested in early-stage involvement in the commercialization of new products and technology and other resources that can assist the inventors in taking the product to the next stage of development.


We invite you to get a first look at new products that are presented here which are ready for launching into the marketplace. The purpose of the Invention ConnectionTM is to act as a forum and vehicle to help inventors, entrepreneurs and companies in successfully launching/commercializing their new products or technologies.

The Invention ConnectionTM is an impartial forum for the introduction of new products and the cybershow management does not judge any of the products being displayed. We explain to cyber-exhibitors that only the market will determine whether a product succeeds or fails.

Many of the products being presented here are in a wide range of industries - from the simple to the complex, from sports to medical, high-tech, or even low-tech - and are in various stages of the invention process. Most inventors are patented or patent pending with a prototype. Others have limited samples, or limited distribution. Some are seeking publicity. Some are gathering product and market research data. Some need packaging designers, etc. The majority are seeking licensees, agents, partners, or investors that can help them take it to the next level of the marketing process. Thus, most of these products are not on the market yet.

We hope that you enjoy your experience as a VIP cyber-attendee and that you find many opportunities for new product development here.

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VIP Advertising & Sponsorship

Do you provide a service to inventors that you would like featured on the INVENTION SERVICE PROVIDER section? Or would you like to be listed on the VIP SEEKING INVENTIONS section? If so, e-mail us for details at . Please include your telephone number and the best time to reach you.

The INVENTION CONNECTIONTM is the Official Cyberspace Show of WCIO/NCIO

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