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Welcome to the Invention ConnectionTM!


Welcome to the Invention ConnectionTM, a cybershow linking technology with industry! It is a little known fact that "inventors" are the cornerstone of America's spirit of entrepreneurialism, for they provide the ideas for new products that many entrepreneurs develop, market and commercialize. In essence, inventors are the underpinning of our economy, responsible for approximately 50% of all innovation, and providing millions of jobs for Americans.

Our country's great spirit of invention stems from our founding fathers foresight in developing a unique patent system that asures that all people, rich or poor, can have an opportunity to financially benefit from their creations.


The purpose of the Invention ConnectionTM is to act as a forum and vehicle to help inventors, entrepreneurs and companies in successfully launching/commercializing their new products or technologies.

Many of the products being presented here are in a wide range of industries - from the simple to the complex, from sports to medical, high-tech, or even low-tech - and are in various stages of the invention process. Some inventors have a single prototype. Others have limited samples, or limited distribution. Some are seeking publicity. Some are gathering product and market research data. The majority are seeking licensees, agents, partners, or investors that can help them take it to the next level of the marketing process. Thus, most of these products are not on the market yet.

Invitation & Special Request

For this reason, the cybershow is primarily targeted to VIPs who are seeking to invest or license new products (licensees, investors, manufacturers, distributors, venture capitalists, etc.).

However, the public is invited as a guest to view the new products, and to help provide valuable objective feedback on the product's design, packaging, price, etc.

As a public guest, you can preview unique new products and cyber-exhibits. Some of the products are being sold retail, so you might even be able to purchase some great gift items while you're here!

We explain to the cyber-exhibitors that only the market will determine whether their product will succeed or fail. Therefore, as a member of the public, you are encouraged to e-mail the inventor directly and give them constructive feedback on the design, usefulness, price, packaging, colors, etc. and potential of their product. Be sure to let him know that you're a public guest and whether you think the product is a great idea, or that perhaps you'd like to purchase one in the future when it's on the market, or to provide some insight that you think might help the inventor in the research phase. The inventors will then be able to utilize this valuable information when making contact with potential licensees and investors. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance.

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We hope that you'll catch the spirit of inventing, and hopefully learn how to develop your own ideas for improving existing products, or inventing completely new products that might help society, and perhaps even help reverse some of the negative effects to our planet.

Got An Idea?

If you're in the idea stage and are wondering what to do, we invite you to visit The National Congress of Inventor Organizations, a nonprofit organization that provides free how-to information, America's Inventor[tm] Online Magazine, information on staying away from the scams, resource links, and much more.

The INVENTION CONNECTIONTM is the Official Cyberspace Show of WCIO/NCIO

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