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Are you on a deadline for a story or project related to invention? If so, we can assist you in making contact with inventors, experts, and key contacts in the industry. To help us expedite your request, email us at and be sure to include your name, which media you're with, what you're seeking for your story, the date when you would need the information, along with your phone number and fax number.

CREDIT: A lot of dedication and hard work has gone into developing this site as a connecting resource for the invention community. When you feature any of the cyber-exhibitors, inventions, or inventor resources found on this site, we would like to request proper credit as the source of the information. We would appreciate including the name and web address so viewers can find it easily - something like the following: Visit the Invention ConnectionTM CyberShow at

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The brand names "Invention Convention®" and "Invention Connection®" are the registered trademarks and sole properties of Invention Services International Corporation. We ask that it not be utilized in a generic title or reference to identify any other inventor fairs, expos, trade shows, web sites or programs, etc. featuring inventors and inventions.

If you have any questions about the use of "Invention Convention" or "Invention Connection" generically in a press release by other trade show producers, inventor groups, etc., please contact us at 323 878-6951 or send an e-mail to: .

NOTICE: We ask that you please make a permanent notation of the ownership of the Invention ConventionTM and Invention Connection® tradenames in the appropriate department's editorial and legal reference files. Thank you for helping us maintain our intellectual property.

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