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Despite today's advanced business climate, the profession of commercializing inventions and new products is still in the dark ages. Finding the right contact or product is usually a frustrating, hit or miss process, requiring huge amounts of resources and time, or leading to a dead-end.

To bridge this void, Stephen Paul Gnass founded and has been producing the world-renowned annual Invention ConventionTM trade show for over a decade. With the goal of helping inventors get their products to market FASTER, saving them time and money, the Invention ConventionTM has been extremely successful in helping inventors market ideas both simple and complex!

A Natural Outgrowth of the Invention Convention ® trade show

The Invention ConnectionTM Cyberspace Convention is an on-line networking service linking technology with industry - investors, entrepreneurs, and licensees who now have, literally at their fingertips, access to millions of dollars worth of brilliant ideas waiting to bloom with the proper business nurturing.

The Invention ConnectionTM evolved as a natural offshoot of the annual, world-renowned Invention ConventionTM trade show traditionally held yearly for more than a decade in Pasadena, California over Labor Day Weekend.

Stephen Paul Gnass, founder of both, saw that while his pet convention filled a major void between inventor and industry by providing important in-person contact with investors, media and public, that the advent of the internet could help bridge the communication gap between inventor and entrpereneur that existed during the rest of the year. Thus Gnass created the cyberspace convention where those who invent new products could have year round contact with those who are seeking to invest and market new products.

Year-Round Online Trade Show

The Invention Connection features inventions in a wide variety of industries which are available for licensing, investment, distribution, manufacturing, sale, etc. and allows the inventor to display his ideas 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in a context instantly available to potentially interested parties throughout the country and world.

Each invention has its own "cyber-booth" web page which includes a photo/drawing of the product, an extensive editorial-style product description with the special features and benefits, an outline of the product's target market, what the inventor is seeking and the inventor's personal contact information so interested parties can reach him directly and quickly. The investor/entrepreneur receives a synopsis of the idea/product and can immediately contact the inventor no matter what distance separates them.

If you're a developer with new products and inventions, we invite you to join us on the internet! The Invention Connection® helps you to introduce your new product to thousands of pre-qualified buyers seeking viable products in a variety of industries. Referred to as "VIPs", this category includes investors, business angels, venture capitalists, licensees, infommercial producers, manufacturers, distributors, corporate purchasing agents, key department store chain buyers, catalog companies or major Fortune 500 corporations, etc. To find more about a cyber-booth advertisement, Click Here.

Attention: Product Scouts

If you're a "VIP" seeking new products who licenses, invests in, or buys new inventions, the Invention Connection® Cyberspace Convention is your one stop "invention connection" source. Be sure to register for the free subscription to the "New Inventions Preview By E-Mail" to receive e-mail broadcasts of the latest cyber-booths to be added to the Invention ConnectionTM Online Cybershow.

gnass gifIf you're looking for a product in a specific category or industry and didn't find it here, please feel free to contact me, Stephen Paul Gnass, directly at to schedule a complimentary one-on-one telephone consultation to brainstorm on how I can customize a matchmaking sourcing program tailored to your needs. Outside of this site, we have a large database of inventions that have been featured at the Invention ConventionTM , as well as worldwide industry connections developed over our many successful years. I would be very happy to speak with you about your personal intellectual property needs. Naturally, your confidentiality would be maintained.

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The INVENTION CONNECTION® is the Official Cyberspace Show of WCIO/NCIO

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