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Survival Gear and Supplies

Invention:THE KEEP
Inventor: Gale Iler

Brief Description: For emergency situations at sea or on land due to aircraft or ocean vessels in distress, the Keep is a compact, crush-proof, emergency survival unit which is airtight, waterproof, floats, and has a special compartment that can store up to 8 pounds of basic survival supplies including special packets of food and equipment.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #107

Inventor: Don Schaller
Seeking:Licensing, manufacturers, distribution, marketing.

Brief Description: For hikers, families on vacation, and campers , the Lifespotter is a safety device that is lightweight (2 lbs) and can be carried by all members of the family just in case anyone ends up lost in natural wilderness areas. It is a self-sealing, foil covered, helium filled mylar balloon which inflates at the push of a button and acts as a distress signal that helps rescuers locate a lost individual from miles away.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #144

Toys and Games

Inventor: David Liss

Brief Description: Have friends or family who complain of not having a boy/girlfriend, etc.? Then solve their problem by giving them the gift of "My Imaginary Friend", now available in a box! If somebody in your life has a bad attitude, they may need "A New Attitude", now available in a box! The "My Imaginary Friend" and "A New Attitude" provides the consumer with a fun gag gift item which will bring a smile to anyone that receives them. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #359
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Inventor: Artega Champ Dyer, Jr.
Seeking:Exclusive manufacturing rights with royalties, or outright sale of concept.

Brief Description: Making the perfect snowman is a traditional winter activity for both children and adults, but is a difficult, clumsy and lengthy process. The Portable Snowman Maker is an easy to use tool that helps anyone easily create a perfectly sized and proportioned snowman.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #355
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Inventor: Harold Salisian
Seeking:Licensees, agent to represent product.

Brief Description: Arcade on the Wall is a lightweight, electronic, wall-mounted target board with recessed pockets of different sizes, that catch soft projectiles such as bean bags, etc. Each pocket has a different character depending on the theme of the overall game. Light and sound are activated when tosses are successful. Can be powered through batteries or a transformer.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #127

Inventor: Debra Pekosa
Seeking:Licensees, manufacturers, investors.

Brief Description: The Bath-O-Wrap is a thin, vertical, u-shaped mat, made of rubber, plastic of compressed foam that wraps around and lines the inside walls of any standard bathtub. It transforms any tub into a colorful, interactive environment that makes taking a bath both education and fun for little children. The mats can be manufactured with educational or entertaining themes including cartoon characters, animal shapes, large numbers, alphabet letters, etc. 3-D toys and objects related to the theme can be place and moved on the mat via built-in suction cups on the back of each piece.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #131

Inventor: Nancy Savage
Seeking:Exclusive licensing rights for marketing and distribution.

Brief Description: Cardboard Creations is a pre-fabricated, reusable, lightweight cardboard play house designed to enable kids to use their imaginations to custom decorate it using paints, crayons, pastels, and other decorative materials like wall paper, etc. It provides hours of group fun in nursery schools and child care centers, as well as for children's parties. After it's decorated, it can be stored and reused over and over as a play house by the kids.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #162

Inventor: Ken Holt

Brief Description: Children of all ages grow up fascinated with magic wands which are used in classical magic, fantasy art, and popular literature. The Enchanted Spell-Casting Sorcerer's Wand is a magic wand that combines high-tech with imagination, giving kids magical abilities to cast spells which produce magnificent, interactive displays of light that change patterns and colors based on the spell used. Only wand owners can learn these magic spells, with hidden spells to be learned from "Wand Masters" or other mysterious sources.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #261

Inventor: Harold Salisian
Seeking:Licensing, agent to represent product.

Brief Description: Finger Frizzz is a small, round, plastic flying toy which resembles, but are larger than, a bottle cap with an opening in the center to accept pogs. They take to flight by finger flicking. It can be played outdoors or indoors and promotes fun and eye-hand coordination skills.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #126
Toys and Games

Invention:QUADRANT 231
Inventor: Rupert Small

Brief Description: Quadrant is a board game for two to four players, ages eight to adult, which is an educational, yet entertaining and interesting board game all about addition and concentration.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #152

Inventor: Eric and Susan Valdez
Seeking:Direct orders.

Brief Description: Take-Apart-Art provides young children with mental, artistic and motor coordination stimulus. This three-in-one educational toy is a three-dimensional animal toy, as well as a 13-piece puzzle, and has 28-theme-related stencils that help children learn about history while learning to draw. It comes with mural paper, art pencils, sharpener, and tote bag.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #176

Inventor: Janet Meyers
Seeking:Manufacturers, outright sale of the patent.

Brief Description: The Water Tube Slide is a home version of a water park, designed to be safe, easy to assemble, with an adjustable length plastic runner that can fit in the smallest yard. The water tube slide and frame structure is connected to a garden hose, using very little water, to provide fun and a safe backyard water slide for kids.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #115


Inventor: Scott Hollander
Seeking:Licensee for exclusive license.

Brief Description: When traveling long distances in close quartered seating such as airplanes, "elbowing" one's neighbors is a common inconvenience. Also, during sleep periods, a person's body tends to unconsciously relax, and the arms will naturally drop and spread out towards the neighboring space, creating discomfort for the other passengers. By using the Kling Tut TM Travel Comfort Vest, users can effortlessly position their arms in a crossed position across their chest area [like a King Tut mummy], and hold them there for extended periods of time, as well as be able to instantly remove them for reading, etc. Product also has medical applications. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #350
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Inventor: Robert M. Service and Patrick L. Henry
Seeking:Manufacturing partners and Marketing partner sought.

Brief Description: Quick Shelter is a lower cost housing for the most critical of human needs including military, relief, temporary, and permanent applications using eight feet wide segments of four feet length that are attachable for length expansion, air inflatable, and insulated, and also suitable for a construction form system for more durable shelter. Two basic models in different sizes. Conception disclosure protected.
Contact 1:Robert M. Service
Address:P.O. Box 331 Waukon, IA 52172
Phone: 800 873-0679
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Inventor: Ken Siegel

Brief Description: The CloseHanger is a collapsible hanger which folds in half for eash insertion and removal through the collar of any shirt, sweater or blouse, whether buttoned or unbuttoned. Once inside, the spring-loaded design allows it to spring back to its original full size. It is great for both home and travel.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #168

Executive VIP Sponsors

Company:American Seminar Leaders Association
Contact: June Davidson, President

Brief Description: For professionals looking for a creative way to market their services and products, the seminar format may be what is needed. It can be a way of achieving recognition as an expert in the field, as well as providing visibility and exposure for the company's executives, as well as products and services. ASLA offers a comprehensive University course that provides CSL designation.
Executive VIP Sponsor
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