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Office Supplies

Inventor:David Harrison
Seeking: Licensing

Brief Description: Companies that ship their own products in-house or provide fulfillment services, often have a problem storing the packing supplies such as air bubble material or foam peanuts, which are bulky and take an enormous amount of warehouse space. The Bubbla is a small counter top machine which converts streamlined rolls of a low density film into air-filled bubble material in just minutes on demand, saving space, time, and human resources. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #253

Invention: CARD CLIP®
Inventor: Dan Shubeck
Seeking: Licensing, Outright sale

Brief Description: Get your message directly into the hands of prospects with the Card Clip[tm]. This practical advertising specialty item acts as a mini billboard, displaying slogans, logos, business name, while serving its main purpose of posting a quantity of easily removable business cards, brief messages, coupon specials, etc. on any verticle surface like walls, windows, furniture, etc. for interested prospects to take. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #201

Inventor: Spencer Kovner

Brief Description: For executives that need a way to keep track of business cards collected at trade shows or networking events, the Card Tracker enables you to instantly turn any business card into a file card that fits any standard Rolodex-type rotary file. No staples, tapes or clips - simply insert or remove the business card into the Card Tracker file cards, which are sturdy and reusable over and over again.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #187
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Invention:CD Tropolis
Inventor: Glenn C. Thompson

Brief Description:Many computer users, as well as DVD and audio CD users, often work with a large variety of discs at the same time. But they easily get lost under papers, or under items. The CD Tropolis is a compact and easy way to keep the discs all in one place, within easy reach, and easy to sort through and find at a glance..
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #343
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Invention: LID LOCK
Inventor: Carol Mann
Seeking: Licensing

Brief Description: Use the Lid Lock to secure conventional storage boxes without tape or string. For businesses in a high paper-oriented environment, it makes getting to the contents easier, while extending the life of the box. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #202
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Inventor: Mark Antonucci
Seeking:Licensees for manufacturing or distribution

Brief Description: For individuals that wear eyewear and like to keep their pen or pencil behind their ear at the same time, the Specta-Clip is an attachment for any type of eyeglasses that allows the pen or pencil to be comfortably clipped to the eyewear instead. Alternative uses enable it to be attached to a computer, refrigerator, or dashboard by using velcro strips.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #119
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Inventor: Clayton Golliher
Seeking:Worldwide distributors and marketers, exclusive or semi-exclusive licensing rights to manufacture or market product.

Brief Description: For office workers and professionals who spend long periods of time on the phone, and need their hands free to simultaneously work, the Worky Talky is a hands-free phone holder that is placed around the individual's head. It 's lightweight and unrestrictive design helps prevent neck strain and a sore ear. It is completely adjustable to fit every head size while positioning the mouth and ear piece exactly where it needs to be. It fits almost any phone and is inexpensive at $9.95.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #123
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Inventor: Richard R. Sudborough
Seeking:Manufacturer for licensing, investor, distributor.

Brief Description: This multi-purpose sheath is made of stretchable rubber materials which grips a variety of items. Three design versions, with a ring attached to the closed end, allow the item to be either hung on the wall, attached to a keyring, or attached to a pen holding device. It can be used to hold a cigarette lighter on a keyring, to convert household tools like hammers into products that can be hung on the wall, and to grip pens for retail businesses that supply pens on their counter tops.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #124
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Inventor: Charles Badewitz

Brief Description: For those who strain to remember hundreds of seemingly incoherent key strokes at the computer, the Roll-A-Brain is a handy, rotary keystroke guide that snuggles between the keyboard and the monitor, giving the user instant access to the most essential operations for programs like Word, Excel, Lotus, etc. .
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #188
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Inventor: Michael Leon

Brief Description: Those who use a pocket knife or razor as part of their work will appreciate the Utility Pen-Knife, which keeps both pen and knife handy at all times in one utensil. It can be adapted for a wide variety of trade ie. for graphic artists, architects, carpenters, packaging and shipping professionals, etc.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #183
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Personal Care

Inventor: Ole Wik
Seeking: Licensees

Brief Description: The Declining Capacity Cigarette Case design and method gives smokers a way to gradually reduce their smoking habit without having to quit cold turkey.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #239
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Inventor: Dr. Michael Klupt
Seeking: Licensees

Brief Description: Recent studies have indicated a link between periodontal disease and heart disease as well as other illnesses. Developed by a dentist to facilitate good dental hygiene, the Hydro Sonic allows users to both irrigate and brush their teeth with an anti-microbial in a single step, with one device which takes less than one minute to perform.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #258
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Inventor: Colette Hoffpauir Adams
Seeking: Licensees, Manufacturers to license.

Brief Description: Current massage products on the market use attachments and have large handles which most seniors either can't hold or which result in sore or tired hands/arms for the user. The Massage Glove is a lightweight, self-contained and easy-to-use massager, especially for arthritis sufferers and/or seniors. It is worn on the hand like a glove, and features heat and vibration control settings. The design provides maximum flexibility to massage elbows, knees, hands, the neck, and other parts of the body, and can also be used to massage ointments onto the skin. It can be used cordless with batteries, or with a power adaptor. The target market includes arthritis sufferers, seniors, as well as adults with stressful lifestyles. The product is patented.

Contact Information:
Inventor: Colette Hoffpauir Adams
Address: 7839 N. Linscomb Vidor, TX 77662
Phone: 409 769-0724
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Invention:NEW HAIR
Inventor: Sang Ho Park
Seeking: Distributors.

Brief Description: For men of any age with hair loss and balding problems, New Hair is an all-natural, economical hair formula that stops hair loss and helps regrow hair. New Hair is made of 100% herbal ingredients that are good for the scalp and do not contain any harsh chemicals that usually cause side effects.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #206
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Inventor: Linda Davis
Seeking:Manufacturers to license the rights, distributors.

Brief Description: The powder applicator is a reusable container with a brush attachment for dispensing and applying powder in a variety of applications: 1) as a body duster for perfumed or baby powder after showering; 2) as a neck duster for hair salons and barber shops to brush away loose hair after a hair cut; and 3) for veterinarians or pet owners to apply flea powder on pets.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #116
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Inventor: Ed Chang

Brief Description: A common problem for males is the splash and splatter of urine in stand toilet bowls. The Splashbuster helps keep bathrooms clean and odorless by reducing the height of the urine drop to reduce splash to a minimum. It has widespread medical applications for patients in hospitals and convalescent homes with debilitating diseases. It can be mounted on the wall and swing out so its hands-free.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #191
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Inventor: Bosco Woo

Brief Description: The Tidy Tongue Scraper is a specially designed, hand-held plastic tongue cleaner, about the size of a toothbrush, that cleans the tongue and eliminates bad breath. It is a simple-to-use tongue scraper which can be used whenever and wherever one brushes his/her teeth and retails for under $10.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #102
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Invention:OPTIC-EASE [tm]
Inventor:Joseph Pomerantz

Brief Description:25 million Americans wear contact lenses, and clumsily insert them each day with their fingers and hands - the most likely tool to contain germs, debris, soap residue, hand oils, etc. The Optic Ease is a simple-to-use tool that enables wearers to grasp, transport, and insert contact lenses onto the cornea of the eye without touching them with their hands.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #192
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Invention:LAVE' New!
Inventor:Lee Howell

Brief Description: Lave' is a one drop, waterless/exfoliating hand and body cleanser. It is quick and easy to use before and after any activity to condition, exfoliate, and protect the skin while softening and moisturizing without the use of soap and water or towels. It is formulated with an abundant blend of aloe vera, botanical extracts, penetrating nutrients and enriched with a mositure-replenishing complex of vitamins E and A. Lave' reduces the risk of cross-infection with Triclosan® anti-bacterial agent.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #167
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Pet Care

Invention:DOG DIAPER
Inventor: Stella Vidal
Seeking:Licensees, manufacturers to license the product.

Brief Description:The Dog Diaper could become the product of choice for dog owners as waste in urban centers necessitates more and more canine laws which impose considerable fees on dog owners that do not pick up after their dogs. Unlike baby diapers, it ensures no contact of the waste with the animal. As opposed to conventional pooper scoopers, the whole diaper can be disposed of without ever seeing, touching or smelling the dog waste. It is also designed to be comfortable for the dog and requires no training.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #111
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Inventor:James Borell
Seeking:Licensees, investors, manufacturers

Brief Description: Finally there is a practical way to play ball with man's best friend. The SuperBall features special tails that enable dogs or cats to carry regular sized balls with their mouth while running, walking and playing. It stimulates healthy exercise for dogs and holds their attention for long periods of time.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #171
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