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Invention:CAN'T MISS
Inventor: Eric Johnson

Brief Description: Is little junior missing the mark at the toilet bowl? Can't Miss is a toilet training tool and toilet bowl splash guard that helps little boys learn to aim right, while also catching wayward urine and redirecting it back into the toilet bowl where it belongs.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #184
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Inventor: Harold Salisian
Seeking:Licensees, licensing agent.

Brief Description: The Clam Cleaner is a reusable clam-like container with sponge covering on one side, which simultaneously holds and dispenses soap into the sponge to simplify household cleaning chores.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #128
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Inventor: Ken Siegel

Brief Description: The CloseHanger is a collapsible hanger which folds in half for easy insertion and removal through the collar of any shirt, sweater or blouse, whether buttoned or unbuttoned. Once inside, the spring-loaded design allows it to spring back to its original full size. It is great for both home and travel.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #168
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Inventor: Mark Burchett and Samuel Bibles
Seeking: Licensing

Brief Description: The Cuddle Couch is a side-arm attachment for conventional sofas, love seats, etc. that converts the sofa's side arm into a cushioned area enclosed on three sides, enabling an individual or couple to comfortably relax and cuddle on the sofa without falling off. It is made of the same material as the sofa to look like part of the sofa. One version is retractable, and slides under the couch. Target markets include hotels, hospitals, seniors and health care facilities. The product is patented.

Contact Information:
Inventor: Mark Burchett and Samuel Bibles
Address: 1521 Lariat Bartlesville, OK 74006
Phone: 918 333-9392
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Inventor: Craig Nabat

Brief Description: For people who frequently misplace their TV remote, keys, eyeglasses, etc., the FINDIT allows them to just clap three times, and wherever the FINDIT and the attached lost item are located, a beeping sound will lead them right to it. FINDIT responds down the hall or even in another room.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #255
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Inventor: Donald Donne

Brief Description: Are you having trouble storing and finding pots and pans in your kitchen? Do you have to pull out all your pots and pans out of the cupboards, just to find the one you need? If so, the Gourmet Panhandler is a practical and stylish solution that keeps them both visible and accessible at all times. Convenient models include a countertop model, a floor model, and a wall mounted or ceiling mounted model.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #204
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Inventor: Andrew Bystrom
Seeking:Licensees, partners, investors, marketing.

Brief Description: Carrying grocery bags can create pain caused by the plastic bag straps cutting into the palm of the hands or fingers. The Grip-N-Carry is a plastic tube which can be opened to insert the straps into its hollow center, instantly forming a comfortable handle. It is small, and can be easily carried in a purse or fanny pack.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #134
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Invention:I.D. 2000 PEN
Inventor: Michael Senoff

Brief Description: With the ID 2000 Pen,you can permanently and invisibly label all of your equipment, electronics, and property with your name, driver's license and other information. It can be used on all surfaces including cameras, TVs, computers, etc. With the ID 2000 pen, if valuables are stolen and recovered by the police, it will be possible for them to locate the owners.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #164
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Inventor: Dave Manglos

Brief Description: The Knife Caddy places kitchen cutlery conveniently at one's fingertips, yet out of the way by utilizing the otherwise wasted space between the kitchen counter and the refrigerator or stove. It also works as a spill guard, preventing anything from falling into this empty gap.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #147
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Inventor: Roy Staats
Seeking:Domestic and foreign distributors.

Brief Description: To make the task of carrying bulky items such as mattresses, the Mattress Tote is a simple to use tool with two parallel ropes with handles attached to each end and supports near the center to hold the mattress. The rope hugs both sides of the mattress or box spring which helps distribute the weight of the mattress evenly between both movers. Reduces the possibility of back injury and muscle strain.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #146
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Inventor: Terry Kirby
Seeking:Licensing and manufacturing.

Brief Description: For those that feel queasy about potential burglars when they're away from home, the Peeping Thomas makes it look like you're home while you're away on errands or trips. It's a small, battery operated pull cord which automatically opens a slat in the mini-blinds at pre-set timed intervals.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #172
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Inventor: Michael Roper

Brief Description: When traveling, or when just a few items need to be washed, clothing is usually hand-washed and hung to dry. However, the drying process often takes hours. With the Portable Clothes Dryer, washing and drying clothes can be done anywhere, anytime. It is a compact, convenient clothes dryer which blow drys the items hung on the dryer's arms, reducing the drying time from hours to minutes.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #266
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Inventor: Michael Senoff

Brief Description: Precious photographs are ruined when the camera flash causes a love one's eyes to appear red. The Red-Out Pen is a one-step solution that instantly and easily fixes red-eyes on color prints. It applies a transparent red filtering dye that lets the natural highlight in the eyes shine through.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #156
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Inventor: Ed Chang

Brief Description: A common problem for males is the splash and splatter of urine in stand toilet bowls. The Splashbuster helps keep bathrooms clean and odorless by reducing the height of the urine drop to reduce splash to a minimum. It has widespread application in the medical industry for patients in hospitals, and convalescent homes with debilitating diseases. It can be mounted to the wall so it swings out for use.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #191
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Inventor: Charlie Phan
Seeking:Venture capital or investor to fund a company.

Brief Description: Bathroom odors can be an unpleasant and embarrassing experience. Air fresheners/deodorants and the bathroom fan/vent all work after the fact. The Super Toilet solves this problem by removing and eliminating odors 100% right at the source without the use of noisy fans, chemicals or artificial power. It utilizes nature's laws to funnel fumes from the toilet through a plastic tubing out the window or fan vent.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #238
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Inventor: Michael Leon

Brief Description: For the many industrial trades that utilize pocket knives or blades as part of their day to day activities, the Utility Pen Knife is a combination pen and knife in one product so that both functions are readily available and handy in one's pocket or desktop. It can be adapted for a wide variety of trades ie. for graphic artists, architects, carpenters, packing and shipping professionals, etc.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #183
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