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Christmas Season

Inventor: Paul Okoluv

Brief Description: Is your hectic lifestyle reflected in drooping, dying plants that you've been too busy to water? The PlantGuard is a lip stick sized, self-contained electronic device that sounds an alarm to let you know when the water level in your plants is too low. It also works with Christmas tree pans.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #190
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Inventor: Keith Finello

Brief Description: The Tree Saver makes the messy task of watering Christmas trees simple and easy. Disguised as a Christmas gift box, it is a plastic water reservoir that supplies water to the tree pan through a hose. Once filled with water, it automatically supplies water to tree stand pan. You add water only when the tree needs it, indicated by the lowered water level in the reservoir.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #135
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Inventor: Charles Marie Nicolai

Brief Description: Current systems of earthquake proofing have proven ineffective - attaching a building strongly to a foundation is disastrous, rollers and springs create over-elasticity, and hydraulic systems cause difficulties in leveling the structure. The ERF System is padding made with 50% grounded recycled tires and 50% pure neoprene. When bolted to the sill of a home or building's foundation, it absorbs 5 inches of 360 degree ground movement before elastically dragging the structure in slow motion to the right and left until the ground stops moving.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #133
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Inventor:Ronald Todd
Seeking:Direct orders, distribution

Brief Description: Erase-A-Hole is a special filler and dispensing system that makes filling holes and cracks in drywall, wood, plaster, block and stucco, an easy, quick and clean process. The filler comes in a push-up container resembling stick deodorant. Just uncover it and apply it to the hole. No flat spots, requires no tools or sanding, and does not shrink when dry. It is stainable and paintable.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #142
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Inventor: Roderich Bierwirth
Seeking:Capital for large scale testing and production and marketing.

Brief Description: A breakthrough technology that enables users to design or retrofit any kind of building and any kind of structure - nearly 100 percent earthquake proof. The modules form a seismic immune support system, which totally isolate the supported structure against earthquake shocks from the ground. It is able to reduce any accelerations and shear forces to almost zero. It is a no-impact-transferring device that allows displacements freely. It doesn't matter what the magnitude of the earthquake is, or how fast the earth moves, or how strongly the foundation of the building is accelerated- all results are the same - any acceleration that is transferred to the building is reduced to a value of less than 0.01g, so the building just stands still, it doesn't move.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #103
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Invention:PLUG TIGHT
Inventor: Alysia Giffin

Brief Description: Are you all tangled up in a project that requires logs of electrical cords to supply lighting and power all the needed equipment, tools, and instruments? Use Plug Tight, a universal plug connector, to seamlessly connect cords together. Prevents the plugs coming apart when stretched too far, or having to knot cords to provide some slack.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #160
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Consumer Electronics

Invention:360 DEGREE DISPLAY
Inventor: E.S.P. Electronics, Inc.
Seeking:Proposals to commercially perpetuate the technology into products worldwide.

Brief Description: The 360-Degree system forms a two-dimentional flat, bright and clear image visible to all viewers simultaneously, at any position 360 degrees surrounding the image. The image appears in mid-air without a television set, and every viewer sees a perfectly centered image no matter how many viewers are present.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #137
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Consumer Electronics

Inventor: Craig Nabat
Seeking:Licensee, manufacturer to license product.

Brief Description: For people who frequently misplace their TV remote, keys, eyeglasses, etc., the FINDIT allows them to just clap three times, and wherever the FINDIT and the attached lost item are located, a beeping sound will lead them right to it. FINDIT responds down the hall or even in another room.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #255
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Inventor: Michael Roper

Brief Description: When traveling, or when just a few items need to be washed, clothing is usually hand-washed and hung to dry. However, the drying process often takes hours. With the Portable Clothes Dryer, washing and drying clothes can be done anywhere, anytime. It is a compact, convenient clothes dryer which blow drys the items hung on the dryer's arms, reducing the drying time from hours to minutes.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #266
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Inventor: Steven Smith
Seeking:Licensee, manufacturer to license product.

Brief Description: This phone design allows individuals to listen to the radio while simultaneously being accessible by phone/pager during fitness activities. It combines a phone, pager and AM-FM radio into one unit for busy individuals. An electrically integrated radio headset doubles as a hands-free telephone mouthpiece/receiver. Additionally, the user can screen calls and either answer the call or save the phone numbers for later. For nighttime use, it has an illuminated panel.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #170
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Inventor: Geoffrey VanderPal

Brief Description:The Travelcall Voice Recording Alarm Clock is a digital voice recording alarm clock with touchless snooze that allows you to wake up to a personalized morning message.It features digital chip technology with no moving parts to wear out, unlimited recording and playback, and stored voices retained up to 10 years without battery power. It even even remind you of important meetings.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #140
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Inventor: Joseph V. Ingraselino
Seeking:Manufacturer for a patent pending invention.

Brief Description: For use in bars, night clubs, hotels, wedding halls, for event producers, corporate meeting planners, home entertainment, or anywhere, the PARTY-MAKER ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM combines a synchronized descending illuminated ball with a confetti/glitter sprayer which can be activated at a predetermined time. When the illuminated ball reaches the bottom of the illuminated pole, (standing between 7 to 14 ft), the confetti and glitter cascade out of the top of the device and a digital display board lights up with a message i.e. "Congratulations", "Happy Birthday", etc. For a complete customized program of special visual and sound effects, it also has laser lights, a P.A. speaker connected to an amplifier that could be used with a microphone, a CD player, a network feed, etc., sirens cable and internet connections.
Company: Ingraselino Ideas
Phone: 631 758-3916
E-mail: pending
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Fashion, Apparel, Accessories

Inventor: Scott Hollander
Seeking:Licensee for exclusive license.

Brief Description: When traveling long distances in close quartered seating such as airplanes, "elbowing" one's neighbors is a common inconvenience. Also, during sleep periods, a person's body tends to unconsciously relax, and the arms will naturally drop and spread out towards the neighboring space, creating discomfort for the other passengers. By using the Kling TutTM Travel Comfort Vest, users can effortlessly position their arms in a crossed position across their chest area [like a King Tut mummy], and hold them there for extended periods of time, as well as be able to instantly remove them for reading, etc. Product also has medical applications..
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #350
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Inventor: Jayne Ransbottom
Seeking:Business angels or manufacturing investors to raise $500,000.

Brief Description: Footwear Fantasy is a new design for the adornment of shoes. The wearer slips on an elastic band which has an adornment sewn onto the top part. When the foot is slipped into the shoe, the decoration is perfectly positioned and looks like part of the shoe. Works with any heel height and type of plain shoe. One size fits all.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #118
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Inventor: A.W. Smith
Seeking:Distribution, licensing

Brief Description: The Hipster Purse is an alternative to the fanny pack, designed to be comfortable, moving with one's body whether standing, seated or in a car. It is worn similar to a gun holster, and comes with a belt that is worn loose at an angle and is held in place with a tie around the thigh. Benefits include easy accessibility and more stability.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #145
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Inventor: Connie Menke
Seeking:Distribution, licensing

Brief Description: Fashion trends now include stylish clothing for infants and toddlers in the quest to look "cool". Hot-On- Track has developed a unique, themed t-shirt with matching shorts and baggy pants for the entire family. This comfortable and easy-to-care-for casual wear can be worn by both male and female of any age - from toddlers to adults.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #207
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Inventor: Gus Velleco
Seeking:Manufacturers or distribiutors of large quantities.

Brief Description: For men who feel wallets are too bulky and cumbersome, or who carry their bills, credit cards, and ID loose in their pockets, the Stretch is an expandable money, credit and ID holder which features two bands - the inner band secures credit-type cards, and the outer band holds 1-50 or more bills. It's simple to use, and is thin enough to easily slip into front pockets and places where most wallets won't.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #138
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Invention:TIE MASTER
Inventor: Matt Helfer

Brief Description: Many men have a difficult time with their neckties. The Tie Master is a small, plastic tool that clips on to the tie and acts as a matrix or guide through which you thread the tie, helping men end up with a perfect knot in seconds, everytime. Once the knot is formed, the device is easy to remove.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #189
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Inventor: Koko Washington
Seeking: Licensing

Brief Description: Express yourself with the UR Cap, whether hip-hop, too cool, funky or just plain "you-nique". The UR Cap is a trendy baseball cap featuring snap-on and interchangeable visors that flip 0-180 degrees from the front to back or sideways from ear to ear. The front and back of the visors provide prime space for logos, business names, slogans, making them an ideal advertising specialty item. Click on the link to see the complete product profile.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #205
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Gifts & Novelties

Inventor: Mark Dereci
Seeking: Licensing

Brief Description: While Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) has been around as long as women have, no one knows the precise cause of PMS. The pain and suffering of PMS impacts not only women but also their families. PMS is a factor in a great number of marital difficulties. The His & Hers PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) Calendar is a breakthrough tool that combines humor, insight and compassion with a practical perspective to help couples understand and get through the monthly rollercoaster of PMS.Click on the link to see the complete product profile.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #269
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Inventor: Travis Knott
Seeking: Licensing and Investment

Brief Description: It's customary to send postcards to family and friends while on vacation, yet selecting, addressing and mailing them takes precious time away from enjoying the brief time away from home. Livewire Postcards is a new twist to an old concept. Instead, the individuals simply stop into a Livewire Postcards kiosk or station, select a background, props and accessories (i.e. flower leis, aloha shirts, grass skirts, straw hats in Hawaii), and say a few words on camera (up to 60 seconds) in the themed setting. Utilizing video streaming, the internet and patent pending technology, Livewire Postcards sends an e-mail video postcard INSTANTLY, capturing the excitement, feeling and high spirits of the individuals on vacation, and surprising friends and relatives!Click on the link to see the complete product profile.
Cyberbooth Exhibitor #267
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