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Providing product developers and independent inventors with a high quality, inexpensive venue to offer their inventions for license, sale, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, investment, etc.

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Classified Ad Rates

Standard Rate:

$10.00 per month, just 33 cents per day! ($120.00 for year, paid at time of purchase)


Up to 50 words (in addition to contact information)
Standard black text
Ad is listed for one full year
Listing under one category heading
Minor editing included free
Pre-formatted layout
Contact information can include phone, fax, address, e-mail address (your choice of one or more). (NOTE: Business/personal web site URLs can only be listed with full "Cyberbooth" packages.)

Extra Options:
  • Professional writing and editing--$10.00
  • Additonal words (beyond 50)--25 cents per word
  • Words in Bold--$1.00 per word
  • Words in Italics--$1.00 per word
  • Words in CAPS--$1.00 per word
  • Words in Color--$1.00 per word
    (colors include blue, red, green, fuchsia)
  • Hyper-linked E-Mail Address--$10.00 for the year
  • Updating contact information during year--$10.00
  • Additional categories--$10.00 per category for the year
  • Special requests quoted on a case-by-case basis
  • Missed deadlines: 1-time charge for ads received after the 20th of the month--$10.00

We reserve any and all rights to accept or refuse any ads submitted for publication on the Invention Connection® at our sole discretion, with or without cause.


Note: Titles are included free. This is a sample ad of 50 words which includes the invention name, inventor, seeking, and brief description information.

Invention: Walk Away Walker (3 words)
Inventor: James Sawyer (2 words)
Seeking: Licensing. (1 word)

Words in blue are samples of utilizing the "BOLD, CAPS, and COLOR" features to highlight words.
Brief Description: The WALK AWAY WALKER is a (5 words)
multi-purpose wheeled walking aid with hand (7 words)
brakes, and a shopping basket that doubles as a (9 words)
resting seat just by changing its position. For senior (9 words)
citizens or individuals in rehabilitation, it provides (7 words)
mobility and freedom to get around. (6 words)

Note: Contact information is included free.
Contact Information:800-888-8888. Fax: 888-888-8888. 2222 Main Street, Your city, State, Zip. E-mail address.

NOTE: The ad dimensions of this sample ad are for demonstration only and are not actual size. For actual sizes, visit the classified ad section

Are you interested in a more extensive vehicle to offer your invention for license or sale? Our Cyberbooth packages include:
  • a full web page,
  • one-on-one Speedmarketing #102 telephone consultations,
  • ***a free invention classified ad***,
  • inclusion in publicity to media,
  • inclusion in the month's "New Inventions Debut",
  • special E-Mail preview broadcast to VIPs and industry members,
  • special positioning listings on the Invention Connection® site and
  • all webmaster services including professional writing, graphics, web space, etc.
All of this and much more for an economical and affordable low rate for the entire year. Click here for more information.
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