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  • 9. FREE WEB SITES!!!

    Why should I pay to be on the Invention Connection® when I already have my own web site?

    Even if you already have your own web site, you can utilize your Invention Connection® Cyber-booth as a "directory listing" so that people who are looking for inventions can find you. Your cyber-booth can list your URL address so that people can then go visit your web page for additional information.

    If you're wondering why you should pay for being listed on the Invention Connection® when you already have a web site, consider this. With the hype about the internet, many people believed that people would beat a path to their door once they put up a web site. And then they waited...and waited...

    The truth is there are millions of web sites/pages on the internet, and chances are high that your web site is just one out of millions of pages. Only a few web sites end being in the top 20 listings on the search engines, and search engine results vary so much from search engine to search engine that it's highly likely that anybody will ever know that your web page even exists.

    If you feel that you're getting an adequate amount of hits to your site, who's finding you? Are they consumers that want to purchase your product retail? But what about licensees, investors, distributors, catalog companies, etc. (what we call "VIPs")?

    How are these people ever going to find you? The answer is traditional marketing. Having a web site is not a replacement for conventional marketing. You still need to invest in advertising and promoting your web site and services in targeted real-life mediums that bring prospects to you.

    That's where the Invention Connection® comes in. It is a targeted medium for you to promote your inventions for license or sale. Our specialized web site continues to do conventional marketing to the same audiences that have been coming to the Invention Convention trade show over the past 12 years. Audiences that know the high quality of our services.

    Yet the Invention Connection® offers many advantages over other traditional marketing vehicles. Whereas in magazines you pay thousands of dollars for a full page color ad for just one time publishing, on the Invention Connection® your full page color "cyber-booth" ad stays up for one or two full years. Whereas exhibiting in the trade show lasts just 3-4 days, now our VIP audiences (buyers, investors, licensees, etc.) have access to the Invention Connection® Cyberspace Convention 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

    What about free listings that are available on other web sites that offer inventions for sale?

    Well, they're not necessarily good or bad - but the question is, is your invention just listed on an untargeted or a dead site? Are you counting on this free listing to bring you leads, while waiting and wasting valuable time on a site that's not focused? Who's coming to their site, is their traffic the right traffic for your goals? If a site has a lot of traffic, is it targeted or just looky-loos?

    Our real strength is that we have a track record of over 12 years in marketing the Invention Convention® trade show to a very targeted "VIP" audience. In fact, about five years ago in spite of protests from our publicist, and even though this new direction would reduce our attendee count from about about 10,000 to under 7,000, we stopped promoting to the general public and made a decision to put all our promotional budget on promoting intensely to a targeted market of VIPs - including catalog companies, distributors, manufacturers, licensees, venture capitalists, business angels, prototype makers, etc. This proved to be the right decision and improved the quality of our audience 100%.

    In summary, what good is a free web site if it doesn't have the right targeted traffic or a way to bring them to your site ie. using the Invention Connection as a directory listing. Without this, a free or a low cost web site or listing may be worth just what it costs - nothing.

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