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Become a Part of the Year-Round Invention Connection® Cyberspace Convention!

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  • The Benefits of a Trade Show - Without the Trade Show Expenses!

    Having Produced the Invention Convention® Trade Show for Over a Decade, We Know that a Physical Trade Show Costs Exhibitors Thousands of Dollars to Participate for just 1-3 days...


    The Invention Connection® Online Cyber-Show is Always Open and Costs Exhibitors Only Hundreds to Participate for 1 Full YEAR!

    For anyone with a patent or patent pending, the Invention Connection® Online Cybershow features inventions available for sale, licensing, investment, distribution, manufacturing, etc. in a wide range of diversified industries.

    Key Benefits Include:

    • The Invention Connection® is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
      VS. a physical trade show only lasts 1-3 days and it's over

    • Anyone, anywhere, anytime, can access your invention on the Invention Connection® Online Cybershow
      VS. your exposure at a physical trade show is only to VIPs who can afford the time and expense to travel there during those few days

    • Peace of mind for your cyber-booth investment, it'll be online reliably for the full duration
      VS. the uncertainty of physical events since 9/11

    Best of all, there's no travel expenses for your entire staff that add normally up to thousands of dollars in addition to the cost of the booth space!

    • No roundtrip airfares for you and staff
    • No hotel/accomodation expenses for you and staff
    • No restaurant and food expenses for you and staff
    • No car rentals
    • No booth staffing expenses
    • No freight charges
    • No booth decorating or special exhibiting displays, tables, chairs, electricity, etc.
    • No printing of literature/materials that are outdated after the show

    Is there any question why the Invention Convention® trade show became an Online Cybershow, once the phenomenon of the internet came into being?

    Everything's Included for An Economical Flat Price

    We Do All The Work! You Do Not Need a Computer!

    With the cyber-show, everything's included, there are no hidden fees.

     Your full web page will be Professionally Written and Edited - we'll write up your profile from the materials that you send us - but you have the final approval before it ever goes online

     the Graphics Work and Webmaster Work are all included [you provide us with original photos or artwork]

     the hosting is included for your full web page advertisement for the full 1-year period

     For a full review of what's included, see the enclosed link

    See Details at

    2 Hours of Tele-Consultations with Stephen Gnass

    An invaluable part of the cybershow is that it includes two hours of Tele-ConsultationsTM with Stephen Gnass for extensive strategic development, planning, and marketing guidance are included, along with unlimited "quick questions" for the duration of your cyberbooth. This would also enable you to begin telephone consultations which are included as part of the cyberbooth at no additional charge.

    These one-on-one phone consultations with Stephen Gnass and unlimited Quick Questions that come with the cyber-booth are invaluable in guiding and steering you through the difficult process of launching a product.

    You'll be able to get advice on any prospective contacts that inquire about your product, as well as Stephen can review contracts and agreements and give you his opinion and suggestions on what's right or what's wrong with them. This access to his expertise alone is worth the cost the cost of the program.

    See Testimonials for Stephen's Consulting
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    Start Your Tele-ConsultationsTM Now, and Put Up Your Cyberbooth When You're Ready

    Even if you're in the early idea stages, once you sign up, you can start scheduling these 2 hours of consultations with Stephen Gnass right away, and then put up the web page later when you're ready - whether it's 1 month or 6 months. And you won't lose any time because your cyber-booth web page advertisement will be online for a 1 year period from the date it goes online, not the purchase date).

    3 Million Hits Per Year

    Being on the cyber-show is accessible by VIPs from their desktop computers at work or at home, which makes it very easy for VIPs to visit the site often, which is why we're now attracting 3 million hits per year! See Demographics Info

    Not only do we believe that the cybershow is one of the most economical and cost-effective venues that you can utilize in your marketing mix to launch your new product invention, but we think you'll find that most of our VIPs and clients agree that it's the best dollar for dollar value in making key contacts for commercializing a product.

    Are You Ready?

    You can visit the Invention Connection® Online Cybershow at:

    Details, prices, and information on what cyber-exhibiting includes are at:

    Cyber-Exhibiting Rate!

      $70.42 per month prepaid.

    That's 1 full year for $795.00 [plus 1-time $50.00 set-up fee]

    If you're interested in showcasing your product, but really can't afford to pay for it all at once, contact us to find out if you qualify for a special payment arrangement.

    Are you ready to sign up now? Click Here to REGISTER NOW!
    If you have a patent, patent pending, and a prototype of your invention AND you are motivated, believe in yourself and are committed to your dream, you may qualify to be a featured cyber-exhibitor.

    We are very interested in assisting you and would like to take some time to outline your marketing objectives. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you. For more information about exhibiting, please contact us by:

    Remember that the road to success takes undying belief in your capabilities, planning, stubbornness, and the Invention Connection®!

    Stephen Paul Gnass
    Founder of the Invention Convention® trade show
    and Executive Director of The National Congress of Inventor Organizations

    Click Here to REGISTER NOW!

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    The INVENTION CONNECTION® is the Official Cyberspace Show of WCIO/NCIO

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