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Cyberbooth #524
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Word Isolating Educational Tool
Category: Children's Training and Education

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Word Isolating Educational ToolTM
The Problem To Be Solved:

To most people, it's easy to read the printed words in a book. But to others, especially young people new to reading, it's a confusing jumble of unfamiliar symbols. That's where the Word Isolating Educational Tool can help.

Word Isolating Educational ToolTM

The Word Isolating Educational ToolTM is an innovative tool designed to help people of all ages, especially children, learn to isolate the syllables of a word.

The Word Isolating Educational ToolTM makes it easier than ever to read, sound out, and pronounce new words. It's a great confidence builder for children who are learning to read, adults who are beginning readers, and as well as for anyone learning English as a second language.

Simply place it over a word with the slide panel in the closed position. Then slide the panel open until just the first syllable is exposed. Once the syllable is isolated and sounded out, the panel can be opened to the next syllable. This process is continued until the entire word has been sounded out, and pronounced.

The Word Isolating Educational ToolTM assists teachers in the school systems and others, by providing an aid so students can learn the reading process. This tool is used to isolate syllables of a word so that they can be sounded out, making the pronunciation of the word easier.

Helpful to school districts (useful for beginning readers) special needs individuals with their reading, immigration departments, and many others, the Word Isolating Educational ToolTM helps the user have a better understanding of a correctly pronounced word, helping to build reading confidence.
Word Isolating Educational Tool

Word Isolating Educational ToolTM Features and Benefits:

Easy to use
Affordable tool
Small size, it's easy to carry
Assists with process of learning to read
For people of all ages

Target market:

School districts. Parents with young children learning to read. People learning English as a second language. Special needs individuals learning to read.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: Word Isolating Educational ToolTM Booth: # 524
Contact: Dwight Lockett Title: Product Developer
Organization: W. I. E. T.
Address: 1473 (A) Union Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63113-1332
Phone: 314 367-9494
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