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Cyberbooth #523
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Super SpinN' SwirlN' BouncN' BumpN' SkateSaucerTM
Category: Toys and Games, Health & Fitness, Recreation, Sports

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Super SpinN' SwirlN' BouncN' BumpN' SkateSaucerTM
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Super SpinN' SwirlN' BouncN' BumpN' SkateSaucerTM

It's a radical new, space-age designed, fun/competition, indoor/outdoor action sports product that kids, teens, adults, families ride on for fun/exercise/entertainment/competition. You just stand on the anti-skid safety foot platform and move your 'upper body' to fun Swirl around every which way, SpinBump other skaters, Funny Bounce up & down anywhere, Spin Donuts on the sidewalk, driveway, basement, playground, public parks, Play SkateSaucer Bump Tag and fun ride on top of the snowy backyard with its novel snow saucer attachment. The SuperSkateSaucer even comes with two unique accessories for extra fun yet. Designed by a real rocket scientist and race car designer. PATENT PENDING PROTECTED.

"The SuperSkateSaucer was invented so kids could finally have novel all-season skating fun in secure home spaces AND wide open public places"

Super SpinN' SwirlN' BouncN' BumpN' SkateSaucerTM Features and Benefits:

RADICAL NEW multi-benefits indoor/outdoor action sports product for fun/competition use by kids/teens/adults!
SWIRLN' every which way around the HomeboyZ on a hardwood floor or cement/blacktop surface!

BUMPN' & SPIN BUMPN' with the Pros!

SPINN' DONUTS is cool!

PLAYN' SkateSaucer BumpTag Game with other Dudes!

FAMILY FUN around the home or public parks!

SNOW SAUCER COVER with unique steering grooves for winter fun!

FLEXIBLE durable rubber 'middle body' for bouncing & bumping fun and as a shock absorber!

LOW PROFILE DESIGN for rider stability and handling!

SAFETY RUBBER BRAKES built-in unique design!

ROPE HANDLES for youngsters as a learning optional tool!

STATIONARY floor plate accessory for twisting/spinning exercise fun while watching TV or listening to I-Tunes!

BUMPOLE accessory for Solo SpinBumpN' Fun on the sidewalk next to the grass!

LIGHTWEIGHT, durable plastic, inexpensive to manufacture, assemble and easy to demonstrate in videos and graphic motion on box package!

DESIGNED by a 'real' rocket scientist and race car designer!


Target market:

Young children age 7 and over, Teens, Adults, Schools for gymnasium use for their students, roller skating rink owners, sales to amusement parks, sales to Boys & Girls Clubs and other community organizations etc.

Direct Sales Outlets including mass merchandise chain stores, Sporting Goods Chain Stores, internet sales, catalog sales, TV infomercial sales, and sales outlets that sell roller skates, rollerblades, skateboards, snowboards, scooters, etc.

Statistics of users according to Rollerblade, Inc. there are over 30 million in-line skate owners {divided equally between male/female in the USA alone}. Everyone of these skate owners is a potential purchaser of this fun/competition novel SuperSkateSaucer.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics there are 86,487 elementary and secondary schools in the USA. Every school athletic department purchaser is a potential buyer of an adequate supply of these novel SuperSkateSaucers for their students exercise programs.

The Roller Skating Association states that there are over 1,200 indoor Roller Skating Rinks in the USA alone which host 23 Million visits per year from kids in grades fifth thru seventh. Every roller skating rink owner is a potential buyer of an adequate supply of these fun SuperSkateSaucers to rent to these customers, for extra fun/competition at their Roller Skating Rinks.

The "Super SpinN' SwirlN' BouncN' BumpN' SkateSaucer" can open the door for corporate sponsored "SuperSkateSaucerParks" for fun Bumper & Spin Bumping Skating AND NASCAR type fun/competition races can become popular programs at these proposed skate parks.

Inventor is seeking:

Exclusive licensing rights are being offered to a reputable manufacturer under a royalty agreement or to a qualified licensing agency under a contingency fee basis. NOTE: PATENT PENDING PROTECTED & COPYRIGHTS.

Contact information

Product: SuperSkateSaucerTM Booth: # 523
Contact: Rick Vitacco Title: Product Developer
Organization: Vitacco Innovations
Address: 1864 -22ND Ave. #1415, Kenosha, WI 53140
Phone: 262 220-0729
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