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Cyberbooth #515
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The XT Band TM
Category: Health & Fitness

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The XT BandTM
The Problem To Be Solved:

While regular physical activity helps prevent major health complications including obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, colon cancer, and premature mortality, a CDC survey found that more than half (51.2%) of the U.S. population does not engage in the minimum level of recommended physical activity that they require to be healthy. (Source: CDC BRFSS 2007 Survey)

Part of this problem stems from people's busy lives that not only include work, but drive time to and from work and many family obligations. Thus many people don't have the time to go to a gym or health club to exercise, nor to walk or run in the neighborhood, and often they don't have the physical space for big and bulky exercise equipment to workout at home.

Improved range of motion is vital for the health and wellness of aging adults, individuals rehabilitating injuries, and sport specific training. As fitness trends have evolved, one solution that has gained in popularity is the use of resistance bands for fitness training, especially because they're inexpensive and portable, and can be taken along on business trips and vacations.

Training with resistance bands allows for an equal amount of resistance to be maintained throughout the range of motion resulting in more complete stimulation. You can also add in resistance bands to a variety of Pilates, yoga, and core training moves to intensify the exercise, engage the muscle in a different way, while adding power which improves strength, endurance and balance.

The XT BandTM

The XT BandTM is a compact, portable, exercise tool that can be used anywhere, including where there's limited space, and enables the user to perform a variety of cardiovacular, yoga and pilates exercises, as well as exercises that can be performed while sitting on a chair.

Unlike resistance bands and tubes that are already on the market, the REVO XT Fitness Systems XT BandsTM are set apart by revolutionizing the comfort and design while increasing functionality.

One difficulty commonly expressed by people using existing resistance bands and tubes is the proper alignment of the band to ensure equal tension so that one side doesn't work out harder than another side. To solve this problem, the XT BandTM is a flat, one inch wide, band made of soft latex with adjustable soft foam handles that are color coded to provide guidance for the placement of hands, feet, or attachments to ensure equal tension on both sides while performing exercises and increasing range of motion.

Additionally, the flat band design provides comfort when performing exercises unlike the tubular variety that tends to dig into the skin or roll away during certain moves. With tubular resistance bands, the stronger the resistance the thicker the tube which increases the discomfort during exercise. The XT BandTM on the other hand does not greatly increase in size as the resistance increases thereby maintaining comfort.

Using resistance bands for strength training utilizes multiple muscle groups to stabilize your body while performing the exercises which strengthens the stabilizer muscles that may not be normally engaged while using free weights and machines and can help bust through weight loss plateaus by challenging your muscles in new ways.

The XT Band is versatile in that it can be easily adaptable into the latest trends and can be used for core and Pilates exercises, yoga, strength training, functional fitness, time efficient workouts by compounding movements, and sport specific training such as boxing, shadow boxing, kickboxing, etc.

Yoga/Pilates Exercises

The Yoga XT BandTM is a lightweight band that can be used in various yoga and Pilates poses to increase strength, balance, and endurance. Adding a resistance band element to yoga poses will add power while improving focus and strength. Additionally, the Yoga XT Band can be incorporated into various Pilates moves to simulate the resistance provided by the Pilates reformer for certain exercises increasing strength, coordination, and balance.

Cardio/Strength Exercises

The Cardio XT BandTM is a medium resistance exercise band that can be used to perform multiple repetitions to increase strength and endurance. The Cardio XT Band is great for individuals who are looking to create long lean muscles, or are rehabilitating injuries.

Chair Workout Exercises

Chair Workout
The Chair Workout XT BandTM was designed to allow users to do a full range of exercises in the most minimal spaces. Can be used at the office or while watching TV. The chair workout was designed to do a full body workout from the comfort of a chair. The design allows users to do a full range of exercises in the most minimal spaces. It is also designed to cater to people with joint problems such as bad lower back pain, knee and ankle problems. By doing the workout from a chair users can now do exercise that were too hard or too painful to do prior to the XT - Bands.

The XT BandTM is a great addition to Boot Camp style training along with MMA, Kickboxing, and other boxing types of workouts. The adjustable handles allows the user to do cardio kickboxing punching moves with added resistance for an awesome upper body workout, greatly intensifying your workout. You can adjust the handles to shorten the length of the band to increase the resistance for a more powerful workout. The super soft flat band takes away any digging into the back and arms while preventing rolling of the band while doing exercises.

XT BandTM Features and Benefits:

It can be used anywhere, great for home or travel
It's lightweight and portable
Accomodates a variety and range of workouts/moves with minimal additional equipment
Can be used on a chair for people with joint problems, a bad back, knee and ankle problems
Perfect for people on the go, who don't have time for the gym
Economical as compared to pricey gym memberships and personalized individual training
Resistance is maintained throughout the range of motion resulting in better range of motion and more complete stimulation

Target market:

Adult men and women, primarily between the ages of 18-50. The XT BandTM is ideal for individuals beginning to discover fitness and looking for an easy transition into strength training to the seasoned individual looking to challenge their mind and bodies in new ways.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:

Looking for a company that will license the rights to manufacture and market the line of XT Bands.

Contact information

Product: XT BandTM Booth: # 515
Contact: Sava Markovic Title: Product Developer
Organization: Revo XT Fitness Systems
Address: 4422 Finley Ave Suite 8 Los Angeles California 90027
Phone: (323) 633-0889
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