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Cyberbooth #504
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The ShortBeltTM
Category: Fashion, Apparel & Accessories

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Copyright 2011. Gnass Group. All Rights Reserved.
The Problem To Be Solved:

Regular belts need to be inserted through the five loops that are standard on all pants or shorts. Yet wearing belts can be cumbersome, especially when they require repeated fastening and unfastening while using the restroom throughout the day. They also need to be fastened and unfastened when changing at the gym or at home.

The ShortBeltTM

The ShortBeltTM is a shorter, 16-inch length belt that cinches around any two loops on your pants or shorts. This gathers your pants for a perfect fit without the discomfort of a complete belt around your waist and lower back.

Because users can use any two loops, including the sides and back, users can leave the ShortBeltTM fastened when using the restroom throughout the day. When changing at the gym or at home, the ShortBeltTM can be left on the pants, so users can easily remove or slip on the pre-adjusted pants until it's time to wash them.

Copyright 2011. Gnass Group. All Rights Reserved.

The ShortBeltTM is a one size fits all design and is fully adjustable for each individual utilizing the cam buckle.

Each ShortBeltTM has a bottle opener built into the underside of the buckle to facilitate the end of the day beverage.

The ShortBeltTM is 100% cotton and perfect from casual to corporate, young to old and male to female.

The ShortBeltTM is available in black or tan with black, chrome or brass buckles for a total of 6 combinations.

Future designs can include patterns on the belt, logos on the buckle, or even a plastic buckle option for easy airline travel.

Lost some weight? Don't toss out your favorite pants! The ShortBeltTM allows you to keep wearing your favorite pants or shorts!

Short BeltTM Features and Benefits:

Use on any 2 loops of your pants or shorts
One size fits all, fully adjustable for each person.
Leave it in place, no need to remove it.
Unisex, for both men and women.
Lightweight and comfortable.
More comfortable than a standard belt
Trendy and fashionable design
100% Cotton, durable
Features a bottle opener buckle

The ShortBeltTM is featured on

The Official Web Site is

The ShortBeltTM is available for purchase retail at the web site. For wholesale orders, contact the company below. Be sure to have a valid seller's permit to purchase wholesale.

Target market:

Men and women of all ages, from kids to seniors. The ShortBeltTM can be worn with a wide variety of clothing, from jeans, to casual, to dressy. It's extremely handy for on-the-job professionals like construction workers, carpenters, and plumbers as well as waiters and waitresses who need to tighten up their pants without the limiting constrictions of regular belts. It's ideal for sports, fitness, and outdoor activities like skateboarding, bike riding, golfing, etc. It's especially useful for individuals with limited hand and finger mobility.

Note: The product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:

Distributors, wholesalers, jobbers.

Contact information

Product: ShortBeltTM Booth: # 504
Contact: Shannon Anderson Title: President/Product Developer
Organization: ShortBelt LLC
Address: PO Box 3217 Rocklin, CA 95677
Phone: 916 240-2287
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