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Cyberbooth #503
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World View TimeTM
24 Time Zones Around the World At-A-Glance

Category: Advertising Specialty, Gifts & Novelties, Household, Office Supplies

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World View TimeTM

World View TimeTM's unique projection of the earth can be exploited to provide:

(1) World Time: Viewers may quickly determine current time at all world locations based on the time zones as displayed on the projection. This South Polar projection has world time zones colour-coded on the land areas with corresponding hour indicators placed around the perimeter of the map.

(2) World View: Viewers may quickly appreciate world data on this concise projection. All world data may be displayed including global concerns such as endangered species, pollution, land uses, ocean and fresh waterway concerns, industrial actions, etc.

Foreseen applications include:

(1) "Apps" for mobile devices (cellular phones, hand-held GPS receivers) to view time for any place in the world with a personal directory for notes & tel. numbers.

(2) Applications for online Internet based programs providing:

  • easy to view time for various places in the world;
  • resizeable view;
  • useful for planning travel across time zones;
  • useful for planning conference calls at different geographic locations;
  • useful for coordinating operations at various sites in the world - disaster relief ops, "just-in-time" deliveries, simultaneous press releases, etc.

(3) Applications as "world clocks" displayed on LCD screens for personal clocks as well as larger units in appropriate areas of airport lobbies, hotels, travel agencies, and commercial stores.

(4) Applications exploiting a new world map providing a very concise way to quickly appreciate world data - such as the extent of desert areas as illustrated. This may be applied for GIS, educational, as well as data-warehousing needs. Data displayed may include environmental concerns such as endangered species. Scrolling the mouse over countries, "hot keys" may be pressed to access database facts regarding the endangered species. In a similar way, other concerns may be applied to the unique projection oceans, lakes, rivers, arctic developments, industrial problems, etc.

(5) Combined capabilities may be exploited to illustrate world time, graphic mapping and geographic information, as well as real-time data. Illustrated is an application for aircraft travel displayed upon the LCD screens commonly viewed on aircraft today.

(6) Specialized software such as: applications to facilitate coordinating conference calls by highlighting the time zones applicable to the locations of all conference call participants; applications to depict accurately the precise extent of darkness through the 365 days of the year as a function of earth's orbit and rotation - useful for planning outdoor operations & education.

All World View Time's concepts are safely secured with an accepted PCT patent, a United States patent pending based on the PCT application, and copyrights for the south pole azimuthal projection and its uses related to world time as well as its uses related to the display of world data.

Target market:

International businesses, travel, meetings and hospitality industry, government offices around the world, technology, media, individuals around the world.

Note: Intellectual property protection includes patents, pending patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Inventor is seeking:

Exclusive licensing rights are being offered to a company for international manufacturing and distribution. More information is available upon request for serious licensing inquiries.

Contact information

Product: World View TimeTM Booth: # 503
Contact: Dwight Darling Title: Product Developer
Organization: World View Time, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 266 Brockville ONT Canada K6V5V5
Phone: 613 213-1735
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