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Cyberbooth #498
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The ShadecaseTM
Eyewear To Go
Category: Fashion, Apparel, Accessories

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The ShadecaseTM
Eyewear To Go
Ready and Convenient, Holds 2 or 3
The Problem To Be Solved:

While contact lenses have become popular in the U.S. over the past few decades, only about one third of those needing corrective vision care wear contact lenses. Surprisingly, there are approximately 120.5 million wearers of "eyeglasses"[1]. Sales of eyeglasses including prescription, readers and sunglasses represent 69% of the U.S. optical market revenues[2].

With the evolution of stylish eyeglass frames, designer styles, better protection from the sun's rays, and affordability, today many people own several pairs of eyeglasses. As a result, both prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses have become a fashion statement and are wardrobe accessory items as well. They are worn in the office, while driving, at the gym, during travel, out in the sun, to go on errands, and just about anywhere.

These days, an investment in several pairs of eyeglasses can easily cost in the hundreds of dollars. Yet eyeglasses can be difficult to store or transport, and then find when you need them, especially if you have several pairs that you use throughout the day or week. In a woman's purse, they often end up at the bottom, where they can get dirty, scratched, bent, or broken. The same thing happens in gym bags, golf bags, and suitcases. In the car, they can get crammed into the glove compartment or they can fall between the car seat, or on the floor where they can get dirty, scratched, if not sat upon or stepped on. At home, they absentmindedly get placed on tables, shelves, or other spots, and easily get misplaced or lost.

The ShadecaseTM

The ShadecaseTM can be manufactured in a wide variety of color-coordinated exteriors and interiors featuring logos and insignias on the top. It makes an excellent advertising specialty product.

The ShadecaseTM fills a void in the optical industry by providing a convenient and easy way to store and protect one, two, or three sets of eyeglasses in any situation or location. The ShadecaseTM is a trendy and high quality multiple eyeglass holder that prevents eyeglasses from being damaged on a day to day basis. It comes in two sizes with compartments to hold two or three pairs of eyeglasses at a time. The exterior of this solid case is made of a durable and sturdy rubber while the inside features a scratch-free foam that's cut into the shape of eyeglasses for a snug and secure fit.

It features a compact and streamlined shape so it easily fits in a woman's purse, a gymbag, or suitcase. In the car, it fits in the glove compartment or can be tucked under the car seat. At home, it's visible on top of any console, shelf or table so the eyeglasses don't get lost.

The ShadecaseTM helps make sure your eyeglasses are safe and easily to find. Just place your eyeglasses inside the holder and zip it up and go.

A two-pair ShadecaseTM retails for $29.99 and a three-pair retails for $39.99.

The ShadecaseTM Features and Benefits:

It's waterproof
It's stylish, compact and streamlined
It's durable
It keeps eyeglasses safe from damage and scratches
It comes in 2 sizes, for two pairs or three pairs
It has special compartments for each pair of eyeglasses

Official Web Site:

[1] Source: CIBA Vision [2] Source: Johnson Medical Information

Target market:

There are approximately 120.5 million wearers of eyeglasses in the U.S. who would be potential buyers of this product.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:

Seeking a company that will license the product and manufacture, distribute and sell the product.

Contact information

Product: The ShadecaseTM Booth: # 498
Contact: Chris Bulzis Title: President/CEO
Organization: CBSM LLC
Address: 7323 Fountain Palm Circle, Bradenton, FL 34203
Phone: (347) 443-9785
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