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Cyberbooth #497
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Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat Protector
Category: Health & Fitness, Pet Care, Sports

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Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM
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The Problem To Be Solved:

There are many situations when people exercise, play sports, or perform fitness activities, causing them to sweat and perspire, then get in their cars and drive home. However, this transfers sweat or moisture to their car seats, and over time, this sweat tends to stain the upholstery and, once embedded, eventually soils the person's clean clothes as well.

Regular bath towels are inadequate for this purpose, as they're usually not large enough to cover the whole surface, plus they tend to slide off the head and backrests, creating a distraction that contributes to unsafe driving.

Most existing car seat covers require the head rest to be removed and the inconvenience of being put back in place, causing the user to either neglect to install the towel or leave it off all together. This also leaves the headrest without any cover or protection. Once installed, because other towels are an inconvenience to remove, the user, just leaves it in place for a period of time, causing the regular towel to become soiled and embedded with sweat.


Designed by a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, the Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM is a large, absorbent specially designed terry cloth towel with a custom hood that fits over the entire seat and all head rests. It is then secured with an integrated heavy-duty elastic band. The Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM is multifunctional and is also great on exercise benches or seats, as well as beach, pool, or deck chairs.

The Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM stays securely in place while in use. Yet it's easy to remove and put on, so, as necessary, it can be tossed into the washer and dryer and be reused over and over again.

Health Clubs and Gym Members:

    One of the largest markets for the Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM is the approximately 45 million Americans that are members of health clubs or gyms. During workouts, many of these members sit or lie on specialized benches and/or seats, and carry a towel to place on the bench prior to using it. The towel's purpose is to provide a clean, dry and hygienic protector from previous users' germs and sweat, to absorb sweat from the user as he or she works out, and to keep the bench clean and dry for the next person.

    Typical towels repeatedly slide off the bench while exercising, especially since many of the benches in health clubs and gyms include inclined benches and upright seats, and the towel tends to slip off the bench when a person places his or her workout towel on a bench or work out seat.

    Then after the workout, many health club members prefer to get home quickly and leave without showering or changing clothes, until they get home, so they transfer sweat to their car seats and headrests. Over time, this sweat tends to stain the upholstery and, once it seeps in, can cause permanent odors as well as soil the person's clean clothes.

    The hood of the Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM fits over the seatback portion of the exercise bench, staying securely in place during the workout, until it's removed. When headed home, users can place the Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM on the car seat for the drive home.

Outdoor Exercising, Athletic Sports, and Fitness Activities:

    The same scenario applies to many individuals who participate in a variety of athletic sports and fitness activities, whether playing tennis or shooting hoops with a few friends, or whether jogging or walking at the park to stay healthy. After the activity, these individuals get in their cars to drive home, transfering sweat and perspiration to their car seats. When headed home, users can place the Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM on the car seat for the drive home.

Water Sports at the Pool, Beach, or Lake:

    With activities such as swimming in a pool, surfing or spending a day at the beach, people tend to dry off, but stay in their wet clothes, transferring salty or chlorinated water to the car's upholstery. When headed home, users can place Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM on the car seat for the drive home.

Construction Workers and Outdoor Dirty Jobs:

    For individuals who work in the construction industry as well as other dirty jobs such as gardening, mechanics, etc., the Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM keeps the car seat clean for the drive home and can be easily and quickly removed and tossed in the washer and dryers, ready to use over and over again.

Keeping the Car Seat Cool in Hot Weather:

    Also, many people park their cars in direct sunlight. On hot days in malls, supermarkets, strip centers, etc., the upholstery becomes too hot to touch very quickly, especially when the windows are rolled up. If a person returns to such a hot car wearing shorts, it can be impossible for the person to sit down on the hot upholstery without being burned on the back of his or her legs. The Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM keeps the car seat cool when the driver returns to the car.

Pets in the Car:

    When taking pets to the park, or taking them along for the ride on trips or errands, they can leave pet hair on the car seat, as well as bring in dirt and debris to the car and stain the car seat. Having a second Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM can be used to protect the back seat and to keep the car upholstery clean from pet hair, dirt or debris.

The Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM is a multifunctional tool that provides the following features and benefits.

Versatile - it can be used on all car seat backs and headrests, exercise benches, poolside lounge chairs or deck chairs
Stays on securely until you remove it
Keeps the car seat cool, protecting the user's skin from burns on hot days
Easy to remove and put back on
It's washable, just toss it in the washing machine, and it's reusable over and over again
Absorbable terry cloth material that's also very comfortable
Great for people with pets, as both front and back seats can be protected
Hygienic, acts as a germ and sweat barrier from other people on poolside chairs and gym equipment

Target market:

People who work out regularly at health clubs or gyms, people who enjoy playing sports like tennis and basketball, or perform fitness activities like jogging, walking, etc. People who take their pets to parks, play, or just take them along for the ride. People who enjoy water sports at the pool, beach, or lake. People who park their cars in the hot sun at malls, supermarkets, etc. Construction workers, gardeners, mechanics, and others who get dirty on the job.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:

The inventor is seeking to give exclusive licensing rights to a company that has strong marketing and distribution in place. To get more information, contact us below. Serious inquiries only.

Contact information

Product: Sportsmen's & Pet Owners' Car Seat ProtectorTM Booth: # 497
Contact: Phil Moses Title: Product Developer
Organization: n/a
Address: 1091 Galesmoore Ct Westlake Village CA 91361
Phone: 818 889-6166
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