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Cyberbooth #492
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Dust Shield Computer CoverTM
Category: Office Supplies, Consumer Electronics and Communications

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Dust Shield Computer CoverTM
The Problem To Be Solved:

Computer towers have many sensitive components, and include built-in fans to keep them them from overheating. However, the drawback is that these fans also happen to pull in dust, dirt, and miscellaneous particles that not only accumulate onto the sensitive components, but also end up clogging and blocking the vents that would allow air to circulate in and out of the tower. If not cleaned out, the buildup can damage the sensitive CPU components, and ultimately ruin the computer.

Keeping the CPU clean requires periodic taking apart of the tower to clean out the CPU and remove dust and dirt that accumulates. Yet this is a tedious task which most people don't know how to perform.

There are several solutions that are designed to prevent the entry of dust and dirt debris into the CPU area, however they tend to be bulky and impractical for daily use.

  • Plastic covers are usually designed to cover up the entire CPU while the computer is not in use, for example, overnight.
  • There are also dust bags, which are breathable covers that can be left on the CPU to filter out dust and dirt, but they cover the whole unit and are unsightly, and need to be removed and put back on when using the DVD/CD functions or accessing the USB ports.
  • There are also boxes made out of acrylic, wood or other materials, into which the CPU is placed and locked into, which is also unsightly, and makes it cumbersome to access the DVD/CD and USB functions, and is geared more towards industrial use because they protect the tower from damage as well as keep excessive amounts of environmental debris out.
  • Special sized filters are also available for the specific vents that capture dust and dirt, yet they need to be individually changed frequently.
  • The Solution: Dust Shield Computer CoverTM

    The Dust Shield Computer CoverTM is an elastic mesh covering that is placed on the back side of the computer tower, providing a protective covering that blocks dust and dirt from entering the CPU area, yet allows for adequate ventilation.

    The Dust Shield Computer CoverTM is made from a lightweight, stretchable material that envelopes the rear exterior of the computer tower. An elastic opening incorporated into the design allows users to insert any cables. The mesh screen aligns with the hard drives intake fan to ensure proper cooling, without clogging the device. The mesh is made of breathable materials allow circulation while blocking dust and dirt.

    The Dust Shield Computer CoverTM can be made in various colors and print designs including sport teams, logos, and cartoon characters.

    Dust Shield Computer CoverTM Features and Benefits:

    Made of lightweight, mesh material
    Quick and easy to install or remove.
    Designed to be left on 24/7
    Disposable, or washable and reusable.
    Includes openings for cables and USB cords.
    Out of the way, only covers the back side of the computer.
    Breathable materials allow circulation while blocking dust and dirt.

    Target market:

    Worldwide market of consumer desktop computer users, as well as computers in a business setting.

    Note: Product is patent pending.

    Inventor is seeking:


    Contact information

    Product: Dust Shield Computer CoverTM Booth: # 492
    Contact: Steve Shinkawa Title: Product Developer
    Organization: n/a
    Phone: 951 264-0876 cell
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