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Cyberbooth #489
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Gutter Clutter BusterTM
Category: Home & Garden

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Gutter Clutter BusterTM Video Clip

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Disclaimer: This video is for demonstration purposes only. Please do not attempt to recreate any of the actions performed in this video, or you may be seriously harmed and/or damage your property.
The Problem To Be Solved:

Rain gutters and downspouts are vital to the maintenance of a home because they channel and direct the rain water coming down from the roof, away from the walls, windows, and should go directly down to the drains and away from the home's foundation.

When the gutters get clogged with leaves and debris it creates a blockage when it rains. Since the rain water isn't able to flow through, it can back up and seep into the interior and exterior of the walls or even the roof, creating water leakages and structural damage to the home that is expensive to repair. Also, dirty water can stream down and stain the home's exterior walls, damaging landscaping, hardscaping, and any yard furniture under the gutters.

Debris and standing water in gutters create a breeding ground for all types of insects, including mosquitoes, roaches, ants, virus, mold, as well as a hazard for fire prone areas.

It is usually recommended that the gutters be cleaned in the spring and fall. It can be very costly (up to $300) to hire a professional to do the job. For the Do-It-Yourself homeowner or user, it is also a very messy, dirty, and dangerous job.

Existing Tools Have the Following Problems:

1. Using a ladder is very dangerous, time consuming and tiresome. This method requires using a bucket, gloves, hand shovel or scoop to remove debris from the gutters. The remainder must be raked-up, cleaned-up, bagged-up, and disposed of.

2. Some gutter cleaners blow the leaves out of the gutter and all over the roof, ground, bushes and/or yourself. Then the leaves need to be raked-up, cleaned-up, bagged-up, and disposed of.

3. Some gutter cleaner wands rinse the leaves out with water (i.e., a hose), but leave everything wet, including yourself! After waiting for everything to dry, the leaves also need to be raked-up, cleaned-up, bagged-up, and disposed of.

4. Tong or paddle tools that grab the leaves from the gutter and leave the roof gravel and other debris in the bottom of the gutter. Then it drops leaves onto the ground, that must be raked-up, cleaned-up, bagged-up, and disposed of.

Statistics show 2.5 million "reported" injuries from falls off ladders or roofs, around the home, in a 10 year period. And, the numbers are increasing dramatically since 2005.

Gutter Clutter BusterTM

The Gutter Clutter BusterTM is a safe, simple, clean, and affordable way for the everyday homeowner to do what has always been a nasty, dangerous, but necessary household chore cleaning out the rain gutters.

The Gutter Clutter BusterTM is an Attachment Tool that connects to any round, standard, 2-1/2" wet/dry vacuum hose. Once on, it enables the user to safely remain on the ground and vacuum all the leaves, snow, water, debris, pine needles, and roof gravel, whether wet or dry, right from the gutters into the wet/dry vacuum. The gutters are left squeaky clean!

The unique design of the Gutter Clutter BusterTM eliminates the need for climbing ladders, using buckets, gloves, rakes, blowers, water and other cleaning tools and supplies while it skips additional clean-up steps, saving time, energy, and money. It also saves hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be spent by adding home improvement fixtures such as gutter caps, gutter guards, gutter screens, gutter filters or paying someone up to $300 to professionally clean them.

When done, just empty the wet/dry vacuum canister into a compost pile, flower bed, or use it as an extra layer of mulch around plants.

Gutter Clutter BusterTM Features and Benefits:

1-PIECE: This 1-piece Attachment Tool fits any 2-1/2" Wet/Dry vacuum hose.
EASY: It is easy to use, just connect it to the hose and vacuum all debris into vacuum canister.
LIGHTWEIGHT: It is lightweight, weighs less than 3 pounds.
DURABLE: It is made of durable, strong, virgin PVC that will not break.
REACH: The Tool has a 60" overall length. The 54" Extension is available for cleaning second story rain gutters.
EFFECTIVE: It cleans out everything, even snow, gravel, dirt, water and all other debris.
EFFICIENT: It cleans gutters in 1/2 the time.
AFFORDABLE: The Tool Kit and Extensions are very affordable.
SAVES MONEY: It saves hundreds of dollars on Home Improvement solutions or paying a professional to do the job.
SAFE: It is safe for all users, keeps them on the ground and eliminates the need for using dangerous ladders.
SAFER: Because it's Made in USA there is No Lead in our product.

Bradenton Herald Newspaper:
"Local Couple Invents Own Economic Stimulus"
Article by: Grace Gagliano March 5, 2009

BayNews9 Cable TV:
"Gutters Have Met Their Match"
(Interview) March 5, 2009

Extensions Available for Two Story Homes

Extensions are now available that enable users to clean second story rain gutters by remaining safely on the ground. The Extensions are 54" (4-1/2') long. The Extensions fit very snugly into the end of the Gutter Clutter BusterTM and the 2-1/2" (at both ends) wet/dry vacuum hose. Add as many Extensions as needed to clean those high, hard to reach gutters. Note: When using the Gutter Clutter BusterTM with an Extension for second story gutters, a larger wet/dry vacuum, with at least a 5-6 HP motor, that has more suction, is highly recommended.


The Gutter Clutter BusterTM, the Gutter Clutter Buster KitTM, and the Gutter Clutter Buster Kit ExtensionsTM are available for retail or wholesale purchase at the official web site:

..During the first 30 seconds of using the tool, I was truly amazed! What usually would take at least 2 hours of hard work, I completed that once dreadful job in just 30 minutes! No ladder, no mess. . . It is light weight, easy to handle and very efficient!!
Lea T. | Oldsmar, FL
I was skeptical but ordered it anyway. I used it on my gutters yesterday which were FILLED with big WET leaves. I connected it to my 6 hp Shopvac and it worked like a charm. Didn't need to get up on the ladder, didn't need to run the water hose thru the gutters afterwards as it sucked up everything.
Robert H. | New Rochelle, NY
I just finished using Gutter Clutter Buster, first try, took 1/2 hr per gutter. Tool worked as advertised. Was able to use myself, no more waiting for someone to come clean gutters for me. It pays for itself first time.
Deena C. | Clementon, NJ
We tried the product on the recommendation of a friend. Then, based on our positive experience, we bought one for a friend (who had dislocated a shoulder when she fell off a ladder while trying to clean her gutters.) I'm happy to endorse this effective tool.
Bob W. | Shelburne, MA

Target market:

Homeowners across the country.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:

Manufacturers reps, distributors or wholesalers and is open to an exclusive licensing agreement. The product is currently being sold retail and wholesale at the official web site or call or e-mail the inventor.

Contact information

Product: Gutter Clutter BusterTM Booth: # 489
Contact: Bob and Jean Kay Title: Product Developers
Organization: Gutter Clutter Buster LLC
Address: PO Box 861, Tallevast, FL 34270
Phone: 1 941 713-4391
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