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Cyberbooth #479
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Premium Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions
By Mariah Country Soaps
Category:Personal Care

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Mariah Country SoapsTM
Premium Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions
The Problem To Be Solved:

Typical soaps on the market contain artificial hardeners, harsh chemicals, detergents, preservatives, and sometimes petroleum products that strip the natural oils from the skin, and can dry out the skin, cause irritation, or even result in itchy skin.

While milk has been used for centuries as a skin conditioner, goats milk is nourishing, gentle, and has many more nutrients and moisturizing benefits that contribute to healthy, glowing skin.

Mariah Country Soaps:
Premium Goat Milk Soaps and LotionsTM

The Premium Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions made by Mariah Country Soaps, are made with fresh goats milk from Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats raised lovingly right at our Desert Owl Farm in the high desert of Rosamond, California, just a 1 1/2 hour drive from Los Angeles.
"Classic Caprine" is an example
of our goat milk soap.

Squeek contributed her milk for this soap!

Our goat milk soaps are then specially handmade with the finest ingredients from food grade oils to the best, skin safe, fragrance oils and essential oils money can buy. Mariah Country Soaps uses beneficial oils found in almonds, avocados, hemp, lard, olives, palm oils, and shea butter to name a few, which are very soothing to the skin, reduce imflammation, and are moisturizing.

With traditional soaps, the glycerin that is naturally produced is removed and sold as a separate product. All of Mariah Country Soaps contain the natural glycerin created during the "cold process" soap making processs, which provides extra moisturizing benefits.

Mariah Country Soaps: Premium Goat Milk Soaps and LotionsTM
Have Many Beneficial Qualities:

Softens skin:
Our soaps are made with goats milk which contains extra vitamins, proteins, and minerals, including caseins, which hydrate and soften the skin to maintain its elasticity.

Our soaps are made with goats milk which helps reduce cracked skin, rashes, and is gentle enough for people with skin problems.

Contains Glycerin:
Our soaps contain glycerin which has many moisturizing benefits, but which is removed from most commercial soaps.

Nourishes skin:
Our soaps are made with goats milk which contains over 50 nutrients that nourish and revitalize the skin.

PH Balance
Our soaps are made with goats milk which helps maintain the skin's natural PH balance.

Our soaps are made with goats milk which deep cleanses the skin, providing natural exfoliation of dead skin cells.

We have over 17 scents to choose from, which are soothing, refreshing, wonderful to smell, and can provide aromatherapy benefits while sitting on your desk, bathroom vanity, or while stored in your drawers.

Mariah Country Soaps offers over 17 Goat Milk Soap Scents to choose from!
See chart for details.

The Goat Milk Soaps can be ordered online at the official Mariah Country Soaps web site Additionally, Mariah Country Soaps participates in frequent events, festivals, and farmers markets throughout Southern California. See the web site for dates and locations.

NEW! Goat Milk Lotion
Mariah Country Soaps' Goat Milk Lotion is made in small batches to ensure you get the freshest possible product. Because we strive to keep our lotion as natural and synthetic-free as possible, we use a minimal amount of perservative, thus shelf life of this product is approx 6 mos when kept in a cool location. Keeping it refridgerated between uses will prolong the shelf life. Our goat milk lotion is 45% goat milk along with aloe juice, rose water, sunflower oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, emulsifying wax, citric acid, and Optiphen, a globally accepted preservative.

Salve &: Rub:
We've also added our Boo-Boo Balm salve, which is sometimes the only thing that combats dry cracked skin and other hard to heal skin problems. Made with chamomile infused olive oil, coconut butter, bees wax, a very special essential oil blend and nothing else.

Our Rub is an Arnica infused olive oil, coconut butter, bees wax, a special warming essential oil blend and nothing else. A great rub for tired and sore muscles.

Target market:

Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions are ideal for people of all ages, they're gentle, chemical free, and help maintain skin's youthful and supple texture.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: Premium Goat Milk Soaps and LotionsTM Booth: # 479
Contact: Sheree Tompkins Title: Product Developer
Organization: Mariah Country Soaps
Address: Rosamond, Ca 93560
Phone: 661-256-1796
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