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Cyberbooth #477
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Three-in-One EZ Oven Canning SterilizerTM
Category: Home & Garden, Food & Beverage

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Today, as Americans have become more and more concerned about staying healthy, and with the high prices of produce, victory gardens and home canning have become very popular. Home grown fruits, vegetables and herbs provide freshness and nutrition, which are also free of poisonous chemicals. The trend is highlighted by First Lady Michelle Obama's planting of a victory garden on the White House lawn (March 2009).

Whether home grown or store bought, there are many fruits and vegetables that can be preserved by home canning - especially preserves, jams, jellies, sauces, and pickles.

An important part of the process of home canning requires that the glass jars, bands, and seals be sterilized through heating before they are used. Several methods are commonly used to do this, which are often ineffective or hazardous.

Typically, glass jars and accessories are placed in a large steam bath, double boiler or similar stove-top device. But boiling the glass jars/accessories in large containers of hot water on top of the stove can be dangerous since it requires reaching over to remove the items. Individual jars are picked up with tongs, but if they accidentally fall back into the pot, can splash boiling water and scald the hands, arms, or even neck and face area, as well as cause some of the other jars to break. When circular racks that hold jars are put into large pots of water, the same risk of splashing boiling water exists while removing it from the pot.

Putting the glass jars in the microwave is ineffective since the waves have no substances to heat, and thus do not sterilize the jars. This can also damage the microwave unit since it is designed to heat foods and liquids "within" containers, but not empty containers.

Placing the glass jars in the dishwasher is inefficient due to the large quantities of water that can be wasted on sterilizing just six to eight glass jars, unless there's already a full load in place.

Three-in-One EZ Oven Canning SterilizerTM

EZ Oven Canning Sterilizer

Using the dry heat in the oven works great to sterilize canning jars, but placing the jars directly on top of the oven racks makes them difficult to handle and remove on an individual basis once they're hot. The Three-in-One EZ Oven Canning SterilizerTM is a specialized all-in-one oven rack with three sections that makes it easy to sterilize up to 12 glass jars, seals, and bands of various sizes in the oven simultaneously.

Simply remove the existing oven rack, and slide the Three-in-One EZ Oven Canning SterilizerTM into the existing slide rails of the oven, and load it with your jars and water tray with seals and bands. It adjusts in width so that it will fit most ovens, and depending on the width of an oven, the rack can have an attachment made for holding additional jars. It can also be made depth adjustable for using with home ovens of different depths.

The three sections are designed to securely hold the items in place, and make them easily accessible. One small side section holds a detachable water tray that keeps the seals warm and moist, and includes a lid to prevent water from splashing. The main middle section holds up to 12 jars of various sizes. The last section holds the bands which are used to tighten the seals to the jars for sealing the food.

Once sterilized, simply turn the oven temperature down to warm and leave the oven door closed. When foods are ready to pour into the jars then pull the Three-in-One EZ Oven Canning SterilizerTM half way out of the oven and pull out the jars, seals and bands as you need them. This allows you to empty the Three-in-One EZ Oven Canning Sterilizer prior to storage. Its that EZ!.

Features and Benefits

Sterilizes up to 12 jars of various sizes.
Enables multi-tasking in the kitchen by preparing and cooking the foods while the jars, bands and seals are being sterilized in the oven.
Saves countertop and stovetop space for the food preparation and canning process.
Expands to fit most oven widths.
Can be designed to be depth adjustable.
Safer, sterilization can be done right without the hazards of other methods.
Convenient and easy to use.

Target market:

The growing market of households who are looking to eat healthier by growing their own foods and save money in these recessionary times.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:

Looking to give exclusive licensing rights to a qualified manufacturing company that has existing distribution of kitchen products. Open to offers from other financially qualified companies. All serious offers will be considered.

Contact information

Product: Three-in-One EZ Oven Canning SterilizerTM Booth: # 477
Contact: Beverly Hardy and Lillie Young Title: Co-Inventors
Organization: n/a
Address: 4608 37th Street, Lubbock, TX 79414
Phone: 806-549-3301
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