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Cyberbooth #473
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Choice Panty LinerTM
Category: Personal Care

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The Choice Panty LinerTM

A convenient, effective feminine hygiene solution
so women can be confident each day and enjoy life.
The Problem To Be Solved:

Absorbent feminine hygiene products are a very important and essential feature of modern day life for women. Many women also wear disposable panty liners at various times throughout the month, if not on a daily basis, for extra protection and comfort. With approximately 85 million women over age 30, panty liner products have come to comprise a large share of absorbent feminine hygiene product sales.

Yet a trend in underwear has evolved with many women preferring to wear "thongs", primarily because they eliminate panty lines that show up when wearing tighter clothing.

So while there are a variety of panty liners on the market, made in different sizes and shapes i.e. long, thin, normal, panty liners are also designed especially for thongs or G-strings.

Yet in order to be able to have a choice and select which shape a woman wants, regular or thong, it is required that separate boxes of panty liners be purchased, which can be costly on an ongoing basis.

The Choice Panty LinerTM

The Choice Panty LinerTM is a single panty liner that adapts its shape to fit the desired style of undergarment a woman chooses to wear. It instantly converts from a regular full-size panty liner to a thong-type panty liner without affecting undergarment protection or wearability. This hybrid product offers two products in one package which not only appeals to consumers, but to suppliers concerned with sustainability.

The appealing features of the Choice Panty LinerTM are its transformative and multi-form design which offers women convenience, ease of use, effectiveness, and practicality. This panty liner provides women with the convenient choice of panty liner type, regular or thong, from one product. This product eliminates the need for separate panty liner products for the desired undergarment style. The Choice Panty LinerTM is easy to use, disposable, and can be carried in a purse or pocket which appeals to todayís busy mother and working woman.

It is used just like other panty liners, with a protective paper backing that is peeled off, and the adhesive strip applied to the crotch area of the undergarment. The paper backing and excess material are then discarded. After use, the panty liners are disposable.

The market and competitors will perceive the Choice Panty LinerTM as a consumer-noticeable innovation that differentiates itself from what is currently offered in the absorbent hygiene market. Competitors and suppliers will see this product as a way of cutting costs creatively while providing customers a quality product without sacrificing performance.

The process can also be utilized with regular sanitary napkins in the absorbent hygiene market. The Choice Panty LinerTM is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and is an innovative solution for the nonwovens/feminine hygiene industry.

Whether the focus is on sustainability or just an overall reduced environmental footprint, the Choice Panty LinerTM offers the nonwovens industry, who are on board the green wave as manufacturers look to differentiate their products, an eco-friendly alternative to their customers and please retailers looking to increase their social consciousness.

Features and Benefits

It offers two products in one package
Appeals to consumers and suppliers concerned with sustainability
Environmentally friendly
Convenient and comfortable

The Choice Panty LinerTM fulfills the marketís needs for reduced costs, reduced materials, and reduced weights while providing consumers with a convenient, comfortable product that does not sacrifice performance.

Target market:

The Choice Panty LinerTM is targeted to women age 15 to 50, including the female teen or college student, the young lady on-the-go, busy mother and professional woman. The North American (U.S. and Canada combined) absorbent hygiene industry is an industry with retail sales to end-users of close to $11 billion. Global use of feminine care products is rising due to an increasing number of women of child-bearing age and increased purchasing power.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: Choice Panty LinerTM Booth: # 473
Contact: Laura Glenn Title: Product Developer
Organization: LG Industries, LLC
Address: 2266 Denair Ave #512, Highland, CA 92346
Phone: 909 322-0137 cell
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