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Cyberbooth #469
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The Garden Saver
Category: Home and Garden

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The Garden Saver
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It's Elevated with Adjustable Height
The Problem To Be Solved:

Growing beautiful plants and flowers is a popular, relaxing and fulfilling activity that also requires a lot of time and patience. As plants or flowers grow tall in a yard or garden, they need to be frequently trimmed and watered. This normally involves dragging a garden hose through the yard/garden as well as carrying an electric trimmer with a long cord throughout the yard/garden.

As people move further into the yard/garden, they often pull and jerk the hose or cord in order to extend it to the appropriate length. However this pulling and jerking often causes the hose or cord to damage any plants or flowers along its path. In a matter of seconds, very expensive or delicate plants that have taken many months to nurture, can be instantly bent or severely damaged by hoses and cords.

Existing hose/cord guides merely allow the hose/cord to be wound around guides which are close to the ground along a selected path. When the hose/cord is pulled or jerked, it can easily lift up and come loose from the guide. Most elevated guides have a fixed head design, which are inflexible and make them awkward to use.

The Garden Saver

The Garden Saver is an easy-to-use elevated, swiveling guide system that keeps hoses and electrical cords away from plants and flowers, thus protecting them from being damaged.

It's Elevated with Adjustable Height
It's Elevated with Adjustable HeightIn addition to being an elevated guide, the height is adjustable. It can be easily placed in the ground anywhere in the yard. The vertical upright design makes it easy to find and work with in the yard. It has one or two spikes to keep it securely in the ground. It's portable, simply pull it up from the ground and move it to a new location.

Swivel Head Moves With Your Hose
It's Elevated with Adjustable HeightThe swivel neck and roller channel guide allow the entire top section to rotate freely 360 degrees. This unique swiveling neck moves with the motion of a hose or cord, thus eliminating the need for an extra person standing and holding and swiveling a hose in their hands. The swivel movement allows garden hoses to move freely through the yard and be pulled using a natural arm motion. It's like having another person right there - helping, holding and guiding your garden hose away from plants and flowers!

Top opening Allows Quick Insert or Remove
The top opening of the top section keeps the hose or cord within the sphere, yet makes it easy to add or remove the hose or cord anytime.

Features and Benefits

Elevates hoses and cords above the ground.
Cradles and guides hoses and cords away from plants.
Elevation height can be adjusted by user.
Swivel head rotates 360 degrees to accommodate movement in any direction.
Superior design and sturdy construction keeps it upright.
Circular loop keeps hoses and cords within the sphere.
Top opening makes it easy to add or remove hoses or cords.
Can be placed in the ground anywhere in the yard.
Vertical upright design makes it easy to find and work with in the yard.

This product can be made in a variety of different sizes for different applications.

Target market:

Anyone who uses a garden hose to water or fertilize their plants, or anyone who uses an electrical device with a cord such as a weed trimmer to trim their plants. The Garden Saver can easily find it's place in the existing line of garden tools on the market.

It can be sold through catalogs, retail garden centers, commercial gardening, industrial gardening, garden service centers.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: The Garden Saver Booth: # 469
Contact: Mitch Ferris Title: Product Developer
Organization: n/a
Address: n/a
Phone: 510-710-6593 or 510-530-3132
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