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Cyberbooth #462
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The Bag Master TM
Category: Household, Advertising Specialty

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The Bag MasterTM
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The Problem To Be Solved:

When shopping at malls and supermarkets, it's easy to accumulate a large number of bags, which are difficult to carry by hand. With the weight of groceries, the plastic supermarket bag handles usually cut into the fingers, palms of the hands, as well as the wrists or arms, making it difficult to carry them for more than just a few seconds.

More importantly, due to uneven weight distribution, carrying full bags of groceries on an ongoing basis can result in back, neck and shoulder problems.

The Bag MasterTM

The Bag MasterTM is a specially-designed vest harness that enables shoppers to easily carry several bags of merchandise or plastic grocery bags, leaving their hands free to use a cellphone, find their keys in a purse or pocket, or do other tasks while walking to the car or home.

The Bag MasterTM vest harness is worn over the neck and features padded neck support. It attaches to an adjustable waist belt with velcro straps. Vertical and horizontal adjustments can be made on the harness and belt to provide support, to balance the groceries, while also evenly distributing the weight of the goods across the unit.

The Bag MasterTM is made of durable nylon, cotton or silk material with cotton pads and has strong hooks that easily open or close. It can be produced in an array of attractive colors, as well as neutral hues. Users can comfortably carry over 30 lb. with The Bag MasterTM.

A deluxe version features five integrated storage pouches for a wallet, cellphone, Ipod, or any other personal items needed.

The Bag MasterTM can also be used with environmentally friendly permanent grocery bags that are sold at supermarkets.

Other Domestic and International Applications

The Bag MasterTM has many international applications including:
  • use by humanitarian aid and emergency response and relief efforts to distribute food, supplies, and other items.

  • use by citizens of third world countries to help them in their day to day living, i.e. used for carrying loads of water, food supplies, etc. for long distances.

  • use for hiking, climbing, camping, and more.

  • use by bicyclists and riders of gas moped motor scooters to carry groceries and other items.

Target market:

1) It's ideal for individuals that live in apartment buildings and condominiums, where many bags need to be carried from the car to the home.
2) It's especially useful for individuals who use public transportation or must walk long distances to and from stores.
3) It beneficial for senior citizens and individuals with limited mobility.
4) It's useful for hikers and campers.
5) Bicyclists and riders of gas moped motor scooters can use it to carry groceries and other items.
6) Organizations like the United Nations, Unicef, Peace Corps., Red Cross, etc. can utilize The Bag MasterTM in emergency and relief situations where supplies need to be carried to distribution centers.

Note: Product is patent pending, with a product profile report available.

Inventor is seeking:

Available for Licensing.

Contact information

Product: The Bag MasterTM Booth: # 462
Contact: Mario Powe, Partner Contact: Milton Goodwin, Inventor
Organization: Mason International
Address: P.O. Box 70306 Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone: 626 488-7653
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