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Cyberbooth #458
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BathTub Foot ScrubbersTM
Category: Household

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BathTub Foot ScubbersTM
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The Problem To Be Solved:

As most people know, manually cleaning and scrubbing the bathtub, while kneeling on the floor outside the tub, can be backbreaking work. As well, bending down inside the bathtub to hand scrub the tub is also very uncomfortable and awkward.

BathTub Foot ScrubbersTM
Features & Benefits:

The BathTub Foot ScrubbersTM make cleaning the bathtub simple and effortless by using the pressure of one's feet to do all the hard scrubbing and cleaning work.

Users simply strap on a BathTub Foot ScrubberTM to each foot, and then start cleaning the tub from a standing position inside the tub. Move each foot forward, backwards, diagonally, or up the side of the tub. In minutes, the tub is shiny clean!

    BathTub Foot ScrubbersTM:

    Straps are adjustable, made from elastic material with velcro strips, so scrubbers stay on.

    They are reversible, one side is a sponge material for light cleaning, and the other side is a scouring pad material for tough stains. Use whichever side works best to clean away soap scum and stains.

    They are reusable, simply rinse out and dry between uses.

    They make it easy to get into corners.

    One size fits all.

BathTub Foot ScrubbersTM also work well cleaning the bathroom or kitchen floors. They're effective, efficient and easy to use. Cleaning results are fast using the pressure of your feet!

Available for Purchase at Official Web Site:
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Target market:

Consumer households.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:

Retail Sales and wholesale orders.

Contact information

Product: Bathtub Foot ScrubbersTM Booth: # 458
Contact: Joe Perez Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Phone: (650) 280-6739
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