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Cyberbooth #457
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Spiffy Safety Eyewear
"Designs by Dawn"
Category: Fashion, Apparel, & Accessories, Safety & Security, Gifts & Novelties

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Working as a dental technician, Dawn Martinez wondered how she could help patients relax while their teeth were being worked on. An avid arts and crafts artisan, one day when she was putting on her safety eyewear, she got a flash of inspiration to add a little bling bling to the eyewear frames.

Using her natural creative and artistic flair, she came up with several unique designs by using colorful rhinestones along with some butterflies, dragonflies, stars, and hearts on the frames. She discovered that the outcome transformed the frames from average into WOW, fun, cool, and groovy!

Next, Dawn made a few samples of her unique designs and wore them at the office. She found that embellishing the safety eyewear with a little bling bling was a real ice breaker with the patients. Yet the colorful frames also provided patients with a focus point to look at while they were being worked on, which accomplished her initial goal of helping patients relax.

She noticed that children loved them, especially little girls who wanted to wear them while getting a cavity filled. Senior citizens adored them. One elderly man took a double look at Dawn and said, "Wow, those sure are "spiffy" looking specs, I've never seen safety glasses like that." About a month later another gentlemen made a comment that the safety eyewear was pretty "spiffy". And the name "Spiffy" stuck.

She also observed that the dentists and assistants smiled more, which helped lighten up the office for the employees and the patients. And everyone agreed that it made the assistants look hot! Even Dawn's boss enjoyed wearing the eyewear, and appreciated how it helped relax patients while bringing a positive energy to the practice.

Dawn Martinez
Seeing how the Spiffy Safety Eyewear became an asset to the practice, and encouraged by the many compliments that she, the staff, and dentists received daily, Dawn decided to pursue her natural artistic talent and open a home studio.

Along with her daughters, Dawn enjoys hand-crafting her bling bling designs onto the safety eyewear and is making her designer Spiffy Safety Eyewear available for purchase. She said, "I am a person who loves and believes in positive energy, in the work force and in my daily life. Life is happy when you let your positive energy flow, it is so infectious that people love to be around you. The smiles and positive comments that my Spiffy eyewear designs bring to our patients is worth every shiny tooth."

Benefits include:

    Gives patients focus points

    Brings Positive Energy to the Office

    Can be placed in cold sterilization

    Cool bling bling designs to express yourself

Available in Blue, Teal, Hot Pink, Yellow, and Purple, each color of the lightweight frames is embellished with its own set of gems.

  • Blue: Sapphire and crystal gems
  • Teal: Emerald and crystal gems
  • Hot Pink: Amethyst and crystal gems
  • Yellow: Garnet and topaz gems
  • Purple: Seasonal choice

Special shapes include stars, butterflies, dragonflies, maple leaves, hearts, and different shapes and sizes all accent the colored frames. The designs change with the availability of the gems.

A package of five frames includes four "Spiffy" designs, and one special "Dawn's Seasonal Design". This package sells for $50.00, and includes shipping. Additional two replacement lens can be purchased for $1.00. Your lens should last a whole year and more with good care.

Package includes:

    Five bright multi-color frames are embellished with unique bling bling "Spiffy" Designs by Dawn

    Protective Clear Lens for each frame

    Hand made with waterproof adhesive

Special Cleaning Care: After cold sterilization, rinse with water and dab with a paper towel. Or if you are using a spray sterilizer, spray, wait for 5 minutes rinse, dab and go….soap and water can be used too.

Target market:

Dental office staff, Medical office staff, Arts and Crafts, Home Improvement, or anyone who could use a safety eyewear in a Bling Bling Fashion in their offices, workplace or homes.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:

Retail and wholesale sales.

Contact information

Product: Spiffy Safety EyewearTM Booth: # 457
Contact: Dawn Martinez Title: Designer
Organization: Spiffy Safety Eyewear LLC
Address: Espanola, NM
Phone: (505) 753-7031
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