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Cyberbooth #455
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Magic Multi Purpose Steamer
Category: Food & Beverage, Household

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Magic Multi Purpose SteamerTM
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The Problem To Be Solved:

Steaming foods has been a traditional method of cooking in the Far East for centuries, including Hawaii where they used lava-based cooking pits to steam pigs and foods for ceremonies and celebrations.

Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook food, since it helps preserve important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are otherwise destroyed with other traditional cooking methods. Additionally, oils or fats do not need to be added, since steaming seals in flavor and brings out the natural flavor and tastiness of foods. Steaming also allows spices, herbs and other seasonings to naturally become absorbed in the food. Since foods are not directly exposed to heat, they remain tender and moist.

Yet while people are more health conscience than ever today, and seeking healthier ways of cooking, current steamers on the market are often too small in size to cook a full family meal, usually allowing only one or two items to be steamed to be served as a side dish.

Solution: Magic Multi Purpose SteamerTM

The Magic Multi Purpose SteamerTM is a full size portable kitchen appliance that can help families eat completely steamed meals through this healthy cooking method. It enables a large variety of foods to be simultaneously steamed in one appliance, in order to feed an entire family for dinner.

The Magic Multi Purpose SteamerTM can be used to prepare practically all types of food items, from a wide variety of vegetables (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, corn, green beans, etc.), to poultry, meats and seafood, to starches like potatoes, pastas and rice.

The Magic Multi Purpose SteamerTM is a free standing unit with wheels so that it can easily be moved indoors to the kitchen, or outdoors for backyard celebrations. It derives its heat from attachable propane. Directly above the burner pipe is a compartment in which lava rocks are stored which ensure even heat distribution.

To use, 1) simply insert the foods onto the food trays and hooks in the center compartment, 2) add water in the water tray, and 3) turn on the steamer. Temperature readings, interior lighting, and the timer allow the user to monitor the food while it's being steamed.

Special gauges indicate whether more water is needed, if the drip pan needs to be drained, or if pressure needs to be released from the Magic Multi Purpose SteamerTM.

Features and Benefits:

Cooks fresh, flavorful, wholesome, nutritional meals through steaming
Provides tender and tasty foods for individuals with special dental needs or restrictions
Can accommodate larger quantities of food items than standard steamers.
Steam produced rotates circularly through the interior for consistency in preparation.
Lava rocks vaporizes the accumulated aromas and infuses them within the steamed foods.
Electronics components and readings ensure ease of use and consistency in use.
Steamer is made of insulated stainless steel, in cylindrical shape of approxiamtely 42" by 24".
The removable dome lid has a sealable air vent.

Target market:

This product can be used outdoors and be included in the successful product category of outdoor cooking items. Over 15 million units of outdoor cooking equipment are sold every year; 76 percent of all US households have a barbecue pit, 41 percent have more than one, and 77 million Americans use their barbecues regularly.

This products is ideal for seniors who use dentures and partials, and children who are still growing their teeth, who need foods that are softer and easier to chew.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:

G&R, Inc., is currently looking for a qualified company to manufacture and distribute the Magic Multi Purpose Steamer under a licensing agreement.

Contact information

Product: Magic Multi Purpose Steamer Booth: # 455
Contact: Ronald Sebetich Title: Inventor
Organization: G & R Corporation
Address: 1213 Torington Drive Las Vegas NV 89108
Phone: 702 870-0320
e-mail: n/a
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