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Cyberbooth #453
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Trimmers Pro-MateTM
Category: Construction, Home Improvement

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Trimmers Pro-MateTM
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The Problem To Be Solved:

When painting the exterior and/or interior of a home or structure, painting the door trim/casing, or window trim (casing, sash, sill and apron), as well as kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors, can be a tedious, messy, and time consuming task.

A ladder is usually needed to reach the higher areas to paint, and finding a secure, out of the way spot, to place the paint container is usually a problem, since it can easily be knocked over. Many times, painters climb the ladder, and juggle holding the paint container in one hand while painting the trim with the other hand. But this technique can be dangerous if the painter loses his balance and falls, as well as very inconvenient since both hands are occupied.

Trimmers Pro-MateTM Solution

You won't believe how much easier, safer and faster it is to do your trimming with the Trimmers Pro-Mate. Whether you are trimming the exterior or interior of new construction and or existing construction, painting the door trim/casing, fascia, between ceilings and walls, crown molding, window trim (casing, sash, sill and apron) will be less tedious, less messy, and less time consuming.

The Trimmers Pro-MateTM is a specially designed paint bucket that holds up to a half gallon of paint, and is attached to the painters belt with a special belt attachment (it accomodates belts up to 3 inches thick). It's easily accessible to the painter, and eliminates messy paint drippings and spills.

The belt attachment slides on the belt from side to side, as well as from front to back, so that the paint bucket is positioned at just the right comfortable angle for the painter. The paint bucket also swivels on the belt attachment, according to the painter's movements, so it always remains in an upright position, thus eliminating spillage while climbing ladders or walking.
Features a perforated built-in interior paint brush holder that holds the brush when not in use, and allows the paint to drip back into the paint bucket.

It has an inverted handle built right into the bucket which makes it really easy to grab, release and remove the bucket from the belt attachment anytime, whenever it's not needed, such as when painting ground level trim. Having the built-in inverted handle also eliminates the problem of the handle being in the way while dipping the brush into the paint bucket.

With traditional paint cans, painters have to find a spot to rest the dripping brush, often laying it on top of the paint can mouth, where it drips outside the container. The Trimmers Pro-MateTM has a perforated built-in interior paint brush holder that holds the brush when not in use, and allows the paint to drip back into the paint bucket.
Drip Lip Keeps Paint Inside the Bucket.

With paint cans, painters swipe the brush against the mouth lip to remove excess paint, which usually drips outside the can, creating a mess. The Trimmers Pro-MateTM has a drip lip built inside the bucket, angled downward into the bucket so that when the paint brush is swiped, the excess paint from the brush will flow back into the bucket. This keeps the paint bucket edges clean, and eliminates dripping paint messes from brushes.

Features and Benefits:

Design keeps the paint "inside" the bucket
Easily accessible, can't be knocked over
Swivels and adjusts to the painter's motions, remaining upright at all times
Quickly snaps on and off the belt attachment when needed
Holds up to 1/2 gallon of paint
Has a drip lip built inside, to channel paint back into bucket
Perforated built-in interior paint brush holder holds the brush and allows the paint to drip back into the paint bucket
It's a safety tool for the construction industry
Makes painting a clean activity

Target market:

Construction industry, home improvement market.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: Trimmers Pro MateTM Booth: # 453
Contact: Craig Mathis Title: Inventor
Organization: Mathis Homes Inc.
Address: 949 Laws Court, Valley Park, MO 63088
Phone: 314 422-3220
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