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Cyberbooth #451
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Hide-A-SignTM Electronic Coach
Category: Sports

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Hide-A-SignTM Electronic Coach
The Problem To Be Solved:

The game of baseball involves many signals and signs between the coach and players in order to perform specific plays, tactics and strategies to outmaneuver the other team and win the game.

But simultaneously, the opposing team is always trying to figure out what the signals and signs are, in order to be able to know what the opposing team's next moves will be.

Thus, coaches must use a series of alternate signs and signals. These signs and signals can be verbal, or a movement of either hand or foot, a turn or tilt of the head, etc. They are given by several coaches, or players, so team players always have to be alert.

To be effective, the coaches must constantly review these signals with the team, which can become very complex and cumbersome. Many team members, especially younger little leaguers, often miss the signs or forget them.

But most devastating to a team, is when the opposing team cracks the code of the opposing team's signals and uses them to win the game.

Hide-A-SignTM Electronic Coach

The Hide-A-SignTM Electronic Coach makes the process of sending and receiving signs from the coach to the team very easy while making it impossible for the opposing team to see the signs, thus keeping it secret.

Working via radio frequency, and similar to a garage door opener where you enter the code, the coach has a remote control unit where he enters numbers and letters and transmits the signals to all the players who wear a wristband. The wristbands have a face that displays these numbers or letters, so they are all on the same page.

The system uses several frequency channels.

Features and Benefits:

Easy to read LED Indicator Lights
Corresponding Alpha Numeric Touch Pads
Wristband with wireless transmitter/receiver & frequency channels
Palmsize wireless control unit with transmitter/receiver & frequency channels

Target market:

In addition to baseball, the Hide-A-Sign has uses in various sports including basketball, football and hockey. It can be used in K-12 sports up through college athletics.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: Hide-A-SignTM Booth: # 451
Contact: Joseph Fields Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 2345 W. Country Gables Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85023
Phone: 602 687-7900
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