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Cyberbooth #450
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Category: Construction, Home Improvement, Industrial

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The Problem To Be Solved:

The BucketStop helps eliminate awkward and harmful positions while mixing substances, that over time lead to back pain.
The construction industry is a leader in injuries caused by contact with objects and equipment. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2004)

While accidents cause some of these injuries, repetitive harmful actions such as stooping, lifting heavy loads, or awkward positions over a period of time contribute to disabilities such as lower back pain.

One common cause of lower back pain, is handling large containers full of materials such as drywall compound, concrete mix, mortar, thin set, spackle, and paint, that need to be held in place while opening/closing the lids and mixing the contents inside. To prevent the containers from spinning out of control while mixing, the containers are usually clamped tightly by a contractor's legs and feet, an action which, over time, tends to result in back and other muscle problems.

Worse, when a drill chuck is utilized, it can cause groin injury and/or catch onto clothing and cause tearing.

Additionally, buckets may tip over during opening or mixing, resulting in messy spills that require time to clean up.


The BucketStopTM is a lightweight and easy-to-use product with multi-purpose functions. It consists of a flat platform that is positioned on the ground. Using a minimum amount of pressure, it holds 3 1/2 gallon or 5 gallon containers, pails (or any size bucket approximately 1 foot in diameter) securely in place, to prevent them from spinning out of control during the mixing process.

It also hold containers or buckets securely in place while opening/closing the lids, to separate buckets that are held together, or to secure a bucket for any applicable reasons.

The user simply places the BucketStopTM on the ground, pulls up the hinged lip, and places the bucket within the diamond-shaped area. The BucketStopTM can also be placed over the bucket, so there's no need to lift a heavy container. The user then releases the lip, and stands on the designated area of the lip area. The weight of the person (only a minimum of 50 pounds is required) automatically applies pressure to the sides of the container, which grips it and keeps it firmly in place.

By allowing the person to maintain a standing position, the BucketStopTM helps reduce back injuries, joint pain, and other injuries as a result of awkward positions while mixing substances.

Features and Benefits:

The BucketStop is mold resistant
It is waterproof
No electrical power is needed to activate the device
It can be produced in various sizes to accommodate buckets of various sizes
It's lightweight for easy storage and easy lifting
Improves work productivity
It is lowcost to manufacture and economical for the user
It is made of strong materials and is durable

Target market:

General contractors, public/government contractors, self-employed contractors, home-improvement retailers, other drywall manufacturers, hand tool and bucket manufacturers as a complementary tool.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensing or patent assignment.

Contact information

Product: BucketStopTM Booth: # 450
Contact: Paula Pingel Title: Business Partner
Organization: n/a
Address: 21625 W. Glengarry Road, New Berlin, WI 53146
Phone: 262 501-4674 cell
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