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Cyberbooth #448
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Safety GloTM Tire Treads
Category: Automotive, Safety & Security

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Safety GloTM Tire Treads

The bright orange flourescent treads illuminate the tires to increase the visibility of a vehicle in dangerous driving conditions such as night driving, fog, rain, snow, etc.
The Problem To Be Solved:

A major cause of traffic accidents is poor visibility when driving. It's vital to see other vehicles, as well as to be seen by other drivers when on the road.

But visibility is severely compromised in poor weather conditions such as fog, rain, snow, and night driving, where it's often difficult to see the road and other vehicles.

Another factor that contributes to traffic accidents is worn-out tire treads, which affects a car's stability and ability to quickly stop, turn corners, or respond appropriately in emergency road situations.

Safety GloTM Tire Treads

When the blue flourescent treads show through, they indicate that the tire treads are worn out.

The Safety GloTM Tire Treads provide a dual purpose to help prevent automobile accidents and provide safety while driving.

Visibility Illumination
Similar to reflective lane markings which highlight highway lanes during night driving, the Safety GloTM Tire Treads feature flourescent orange strips within the tire grooves which illuminate the tires to increase the visibility of a vehicle. In fog, rain, snow, or night driving conditions, the bright orange glow of the tire treads helps the vehicle's tires to be seen to help avoid traffic accidents.

A major advantage of the Safety GloTM Tire Treads is that they glow all the time, and are not dependant on a source of light like reflective lane markings, making them a superior safety feature for both day and night driving.

The Safety GloTM Tire Treads will also prove invaluable in rescue missions to locate vehicles that have driven off the road, especially in remote locations.

Plus, it provides crucial visibility to cars that break down and are parked in the highway shoulder while waiting for help and roadside assistance.

Worn Out Tire Treads Alert
Additionally, Safety GloTM Tire Treads incorporates illuminating strips of a different flourescent color [blue] in the tire's steel belts. Normally, it's difficult to detect when the tire treads are worn out on a day-to-day basis without carefully inspecting the tires. Thus, most automobile owners don't realize that their tires are worn out until they have difficulty maintaining control of their vehicle. With the Safety Glo, when the blue flourescent strips are exposed, it visibly alerts the driver that the tire's treads are worn out.

Target market:

Automobiles, airplanes and small aircraft, motorcycles, farm equipment, bicycles, RV's, trailers, etc.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: Safety GloTM Tire Treads Booth: # 448
Contact: Vernell Johnson Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: n/a
Phone: 909 561-7184 / 909 728-9306
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