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Cyberbooth #447
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Toe-Stub ProtectorTM
Category: Personal Care, Safety & Security

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Toe-Stub ProtectorTM
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Instead of stubbing one's toes directly on the hard furniture legs, the toes will hit the soft foam of the Toe-Stub Protector and prevent injuries around the home.
The Problem To Be Solved:

Most people know the excruciating pain of stubbing their toes on furniture items like bedposts, tables, etc. around the home. Whether a child, teenager, adult, or senior, this is a "phenomenon" that happens to everyone at least once in a while [often, isn't the same toe stubbed two or more times in a row?]. Even athletes run into locker room bench posts and hurt their toes.

For the majority of people, it causes swelling and bruising that may last for a few hours, or a few days, but which makes walking very difficult and painful. Depending on the force of the impact, toes may be broken which could take weeks or months to heal.

For individuals with illnesses like diabetes, for the blind, or with seniors, stubbing a toe can cause debilitating health complications which could permanently injure them and compromise their physical independence.

Toe-Stub ProtectorTM

The Toe-Stub ProtectorTM is a foam filled cushion with a hollow center and a side opening which allows it to be quickly and easily placed around the legs of tables, chairs, bed frames, and other furniture which are within the most common walking path around the home.

So instead of stubbing one's toes directly on the furniture legs, the toes will hit the soft foam of the Toe-Stub Protector and prevent injuries. This is especially invaluable to protect one's toes on the dark journey from the bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night, or while getting a midnight snack.

They're very useful because as many as needed can be utilized around the home, for as long as they're needed. They come in several shapes and sizes to accomodate the various home furnishings. They can be designed with different materials and patterns to match the home's feel or decor.

When having guests over, they can be easily removed and later replaced.

Optional Features:
A small electronic voice chip can be added which says something comical, or plays a brief song or music clip, when someone stubs their toe on the Toe Stub Protector. This would add a humorous and entertaining touch.

Target market:

Homes, hospitals, convalescent homes, sports locker rooms.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: Toe-Stub ProtectorTM Booth: # 447
Contact: Pastor Raymond Benson Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: P.O. Box 180, Dover, DE 19936-0180
Phone: 215 805-0561 cell / Fax: 302 735-5502
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