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Cyberbooth #441
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Lasting Interchangeable MemoriesTM
Category: Gifts and Novelties

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Lasting Interchangeable MemoriesTM
Headstone Floral Container
The Problem To Be Solved:

There are limited choices when it comes to displaying flower arrangements on the headstones in honor of loved ones. When fresh flowers are placed on the headstone, they not only wilt, but they are often removed during routine grounds maintenance.

This container is also securely attached to the monument, keeping the flowers from being blown away on a windy day.

Lasting Interchangeable MemoriesTM

The Lasting Interchangeable MemoriesTM is a tray/container which includes a foam strip inside the tray, and a cover with spaced holes where the flowers can be inserted into the tray.

Either silk, or real flowers can be utilized. The Lasting Interchangeable MemoriesTM allows the floral display to be customized using one's imagination and creativity, whether sentimental or patriotic.

When using silk or real flower arrangements, the floral display will last until the next display is created. Displays can be year-round, seasonal or personal.

For longer lasting displays, the Lasting Interchangeable MemoriesTM includes a strap so that the display can be attached to the headstone above ground level so it doesn't get removed by the grounds maintenance crews.

Two standard sizes are available: large (30"x3.5"x3.6") and small (22"x3.5"x3.6). The Lasting Interchangeable MemoriesTM is made of plastic stone or galvanized steel to be durable and rust-proof, and comes in a variety of attractive baked-in colors.

Features include:

it's made of galvanized steel or plastic stone
it comes in a variety of baked-in colors
it comes in two sizes, large and small.
the straps are made of poly-urethane and are 1/2 in. wide
it has 4 drainage holes on the bottom for real flowers
it has a cover with openings that holds the silk flowers in place, which can be removed; adding soil to plant and real flowers.

Target market:

This appeals to all age groups and can be sold locally and internationally to florists, greenhouses, monument makers, funeral homes, retail stores, catalogs, distibutors of funeral supplies, etc.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensing and Distribution.

Contact information

Product: Lasting Interchangeable Memories Booth: # 441
Contact: Carmen Cassette-Johnson Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: P.O. Box 432, Buxton, ME 04093
Phone: 207 727-3837
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