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Cyberbooth #436
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Category: Home and Garden, Home Improvement

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The Problem To Be Solved:

While there are several existing tool holders on the market, they all seem to have design flaws. With some versions, when the user pulls one tool off the wall hanger, the tool bumps the next one and falls off, often hitting the person, car or other items. With corner units, tools are often knocked over when trying to get the one that's way in the back. Other units are too tall or too wide, or too clumsy or flimsy to work efficiently.


The ToolsAway® is a compact garage tool holder for long-handled household and garden tools, that solves the most common tool storage configuration problems. ToolsAway® is a completely new, unique, way of storing tools and other round handled objects. ToolsAway® is the only product on the market that actually does what it was designed to do...create a safe, organized, storage place that allows the tools to be EASILY accessed.

With ToolsAway®, a person can arrange the tools to suit his or her individual needs, or the season. The ToolsAway® can accommodate a large variety of tools including garden tools like shovels and rakes, and household tools like mops and brooms, as well as fishing poles, sporting equipment, skis, or anything you can imagine.

As a tool holder or tool rack, it can be used in garages, tool sheds, carport closets, patios, garden fences, porches and can even be mounted on a door or wall.

The award winning design includes:
...three dimensional splay (tool heads fanned or separated by built-in angles),
...stepped display,
...side compartments,
...small dimensions (one square foot of floor space), and
...the use of tubes to positively hold tools.

Additionally, it has many optional features that allow the owners to customize ToolsAway® to suit their individual needs.


Dimensions: The unit is small and compact, taking up less than one square foot of floor space. The actual dimensions are 22 1/4 in wide by 9 3/4 in high by 6 1/2 in deep and weighs approximately six pounds.

Vertical: You can store and retrieve most tools in less than six (6) feet of vertical headroom. This allows tools to be stored in a tool shed, carport closet or cabinet.

Horizontal: The tools take up only four or five (4-5) feet of horizontal wall space and stick out from the wall only 18 inches. In that limited space, as many as 17 tools can be easily stored and retrieved without knocking over the rest.

Easy Retrieval Needed: Each tool is retrievable without knocking over the rest. You can arrange them to suit your needs or the season. You can actually store tools in a tool shed or carport or closet.

Less Ceiling Height:When filled with standard length tools, it stands about five feet tall. The ToolsAway is so compact that it can be used in tool sheds and carport closets with a ceiling height of as little as six feet. Depending on how you organize the tools, the full with of the tools in place is five feet or less.


Large Holes/tube Size: The holes for the tools are actually tubes and the inside diameter is approximately 1 3/4 in. The tube size is big enough to hold even the large yellow fiberglass handles of some tools. We have not yet found a round handled tool that will not fit.

Holds Up to 17 Tools: There are eleven tubes, and two side compartments for square shaped handles. The ToolsAway® will hold anywhere from 13 to 17 tools depending on how you place them. According to our survey, most people have 15 or fewer long handled tools.

Stepped Up Layers for Easy Viewing/Access:You can place the tools in any way that works for you. You can put the more commonly used tools in the front for easy access or put the short ones in the front and the long ones in the rear or vice versa. The ToolsAway® itself has a built-in stager because the rear tubes are three inches higher than the front set to allow for easy access.

Holds Variety of Tools: ToolsAway® can be used to store any items that are up to 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Such items include fishing poles and nets, pipes, tubes, moldings, mops, and brooms, basically anything you can imagine that has a round handle or any other shape with dimensions of 1 3/4 inches or less. It makes a great gift for the gardener in the family. It also works for mops, brooms and other cleaning items and fits easily in most "broom closets."


Sturdiness and Durability: ToolsAway® is very sturdy! It is made of high impact plastic. The wall thickness of ToolsAway® is at least 1/8 inch thick with the outer compartments being 1/4 inch thick. Also it can't ever rust and can be easily cleaned with a garden hose.

Doesn't Fall Over:ToolsAway is so compact and sturdy because it is designed to be attached to a fixed object, the wall, in order to hold the weight of the tools. [The problem with freestanding tool holders is that they fall over and injure people and property.]


Quick Assembly: Following the instructions, it takes about three (3) minutes to put the ToolsAway® together.

Easy to Install: ToolsAway® is easy to install. It comes with a set of 5 "WallDog" screws for a standard wall installation. It also comes with instructions and suggestions for various types of alternative installations such as studded walls and cement foundations. For standard installations, a Phillips screwdriver will work. For cement or studs you will need a drill. The same "WallDog" screws will work on any surface, even in plastic sheds.

Other Locations: ToolsAway® can be installed on a door or above the floor. A special kit is available to allow door and other above-ground installations.

Includes Hardware: ToolsAway® comes with installation hardware (5 screws). The “WallDog” screws are for standard sheetrock wall installations. The same screws can also be used to attach to studs and other types of wood or masonry installations they even work in plastic shed walls. NOTE: We are now using a new screw (WallDog). It is designed to be used with any surface and hold as well as a molly in sheet rock. We have tested it and it works.

Can Be Mounted:ToolsAway® is designed to rest directly on the floor. But it can be mounted above the floor by placing a piece of wood etc. underneath it to raise it up or make it level. If you want to mount it on a wall, we recommend a "Door & Wall kit" for proper installation and usability.

Install Indoors or Outdoors: Because of ToolsAway® compact size and sturdy construction, you can install it in just about anyplace that is convenient for you. In a tool shed. In a closet. It's weatherproof, so it can also be installed outside in the garden on a fence. Or on either side of your garage, on the front or side of your workbench. With the kit it can even be installed on a door.


Optional Features: With optional features such as clips, and add-on side containers, the owners can turn the ToolsAway® into a complete garden center that can accommodate all of their garden tools and accessories.

Other Uses: On the website are suggested ways of adding more storage space with the use of a "PVC Hanging Tree" (with two you can even store skateboards and scooters) and customer suggested uses. Because of the short structure, a shelf or two can even be added above your ToolsAway® without interfering with the ease of storing and retrieve the tools.

Side Compartments: The side compartments are designed for square or grabber handled tools. In our surveys we found that most people only have one to three of that type of tool. If you have more than that there are other products available. You can get two in easily, one on each side and still have room for as many as four other handles.

Easy to Transport: We recognize the need to store garden hand tools and have designed some detachable buckets for that purpose. They clip to the sides and have a handle for ease of transport to and from the garden. They also have holes for drainage so you can just squirt off your dirty tools before putting them away. You can even use extra buckets for different projects like sprinkler repair (keeping all of the needed tools and parts in one place) and easily hang them on the wall with a couple of screws. The buckets are large enough to hold a number of small hand tools and are extremely sturdy.


The retail price point is $39.95 for the basic unit. And $59.95 for the whole center, which includes: basic unit, two buckets, four clips of graduated sizes, two retainers, five Walldog® screws that work in any material, and instructions. For an additional $9.95, you can get the "Door and Wall Kit" to attach ToolsAway® to a door or other above ground installation.

The Official Website is

Features and Benefits

  • It is inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable, and fills a common need
  • It securely holds the tools. They can't come loose or fall over.
  • It is secured to the wall with 5 screws and holds the tool heads apart for easy access.
  • It holds up to 15 tools in less than one square foot of floor space.
  • Made of sturdy, heavy grade, high impact plastic.
  • Designed by a gardener for gardeners.
  • It can be assembled and installed in minutes, just about anywhere.

Target market:

ToolsAway® target markets include homeowners, small businesses, and renters that are tired of the cluttered corner in their garage. In essence, it is for people who have garden tools, brooms, mops, etc., and want to conserve space, while having their tools securely stored in a convenient easy-to-use manner. To date, ToolsAway® has been sold primarily to homeowners between the ages of 35 and 70. In addition it is purchased predominately by women, who are the driving force behind the trend to cleanup the garage. ToolsAway® has to date been marketed through Home and Garden trade shows, on the Internet, and been successfully sold in a few retail stores.

Note: Product is patented. (In addition to this product, we have a design for a less expensive version that could be marketed on DRTV.)

Inventor is seeking:

Licensing. Or a joint venture with a manufacturer that has established distribution capabilities.

Contact information

Product: ToolsAwayTM Booth: # 436
Contact: David Udy Title: Inventor/President
Organization: HandiSolutions, Inc. Web site:
Address: P.O. Box 57013 Murray, UT 84157-0013
Phone: Toll Free:1-800-866-5895 / (801) 261-9933 x 201 / Fax: (801) 293-8784
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