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Cyberbooth #433
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Medi-Ring Medical Bottle Identification
Category: Medical

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Medicine Bottle Identification
The Problem To Be Solved:

In today's world, most people have more than one prescription for medications. Approximately 98% of all written prescriptions list the official medical terms for the medications, and give instructions for taking them, but don't state what medical conditions they're for.

Doubling up on medication and skipped doses accounts for hundreds of thousands of unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Governmental organizations have stated that over 125,000 injuries and deaths occur every year due to people taking their medications the wrong way or by taking the wrong medication itself.

Although pharmacists provide counseling, after a long day at the doctor's office and long wait times in the pharmacy, most patients either forget or are confused about which pills to take by the time they get home. While weekly containers help, they don't identify what condition that the medication is to be used for.

Medi-RingTM Medicine Bottle Identification

Invented by a pharmacist, the Medi-RingTM helps patients instantly identify what medical condition their medications are for, thus reducing the risk of taking the wrong pills. It is a plastic ring that easily snaps over vials and medication bottles. The ring contains a label area in which the patient can write in what the medication is to be taken for, such as "heart", "pain", "sleep", "nerves", "memory", etc.

There are two sizes to accomodate the two standard diameters of all medicine vials. It's designed so that patients can write whatever self-memos they need directly onto the ring.

The Medi-RingTM can be packaged with preprinted labels as well as blank labels. Customized Braille letters and numbers can also be pre-printed.

The Medi-RingTM is versatile and can also be used on vitamin bottles, over-the-counter medicines, etc. The ring has enough space for the placement of logos and advertisements, making it an excellent promotional item for pharmacies, health insurance companies, etc.

Key Benefits of the Medi-RingTM include:

instantly identifies what medications are for
it's reusable on future bottles of the same medications
it's very easy to use
the Medi-RingTM surface is smudge and smear proof
it stays in place until the user removes it

Official Web Site:

Target market:

Consumers of all ages that take medications, especially senior citizens. According to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, 2004 retail pharmacy sales reached 221.0 billion which includes traditional chain drug, supermarket, mail order, independent and mass merchant sales. The Medi-RingTM is a great point-of-purchase item that can be sold through pharmacies and retail stores.

The Medi-RingTM was evaluated by the John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship, Hankamer School of Business, at the Baylor University in Waco, Texas and scored very high in the three main areas of importance:

Critical Value Score: 92% [should be in 80 percent range]
Aggregate Value Score: 86% [should be in the 60 pecent range]
Estimate of Success Score 78% [should be in the 60 percent range]
Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensing and sales to catalogues, etc.

Contact information

Product: Medi-Ring TM Booth: # 433
Contact: Frederick Hirth, RPh Title: Inventor
Organization: Medi-Ring, LLC
Address: 4323 W. Lapenna Dr. New River, AZ 85087
Phone: 623-478-2781
Homepage: Official Web Site:
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