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Cyberbooth #428
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Sandwich Shop
Category: Household, Food & Beverage

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Sandwich Shop
The Problem To Be Solved:

U.S. Department of Labor statistics estimate that 66% of the U.S. work force "brown bags" it to work. In other words, they make and take their own lunch with them to work in the mornings.

However, by the time lunch time rolls around, the sandwich bread tends to absorb all the moisture of the sandwich ingredients (tomatoes, meat juice, condiments, salsa topping, etc.), often becoming quite soggy after four or five hours of congealing.

While the ingredients can be packed in individual baggies, this is time-consuming, messy and inconvenient in the mornings while rushing to get ready for work.

Sandwich Shop

The Sandwich Shop solves this problem by providing a multi-layered container with different sized sealed compartments for the different items. The container keeps the bread and sandwich ingredients separate and fresh until they're ready to be put together on the bread and eaten.

But the container is not limited to just sandwiches. It is equally suited to contain salads or pastas and spare chambers could be used to house napkins or disposable utensils.

The overall dimensions of the container are designed to fit into most soft sided igloo-type containers.

Features and benefits include:

keeps lunch ingredients fresh
compact size fits into most lunch boxes and bags [approx. 6 in. long]
reusable and durable
versatile, can be used for many lunch foods including salads and pastas
trays stack and snap together to form tight seal

Target market:

Blue and white collar working individuals that prepare and take their own lunches to work. Also great for picnics, camping, and travel.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: Sandwich Shop Booth: # 428
Contact: James Douglas Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 717 Yearling Court, Camarillo, CA 90310
Phone: 805 890-2783
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