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Cyberbooth #424
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Flood-Protect Door Shield
Category: Home Improvement, Safety & Security

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The Flood-Protect
Door Shield
installs in minutes,
without tools.
The Problem To Be Solved:

Floods can happen anytime, anywhere. Everyone lives in a flood zone and is at risk of flood damage. It's just a question of whether you live in a low, moderate, or high risk area. Even buildings in low to moderate risk flood zones can be flooded by severe concentrated rainfall coupled with inadequate local drainage systems. In fact, 25% of flood loss claims are filed in low to moderate risk areas. New land development can also increase flood risk, especially if the construction changes natural run-off paths.
[ Source of facts and statistics: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)]

Flood-Protect Door Shield

The weakest points of many homes and buildings are the doors, which are the lowest opening and contact points for water to seep into homes and buildings when floods occur. The Flood-Protect Door Shield is an adjustable and removable door/entryway barrier or shield that can be installed in minutes without any tools to protect a home or building from flooding, up through three or four feet high. It creates a barrier between flood waters and homes to prevent water from entering under unsealed doors, thus reducing property damage from flooding.

FEMA states that even just one inch of water can cause serious damage of close to $10,000 to one's property. One inch of flood damage results in having to replace drywall, install new baseboard molding, replace carpeting or flooring, it can ruin the bottom of bookcases, and books on lower shelving, damage the electrical system in floor lamps, and requires expensive clean up costs to drain the water and sanitize the structure. Thus the Flood-Protect Door Shield could prevent damage to homes against smaller floods and in areas along the outlying areas of larger floods.
Source: FEMA

When there are heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms, hurricanes, or winter snow thaws with the potential for flooding, the Flood-Protect Door Shield can be quickly positioned in the perimeters of the doorway within minutes. Once adjusted to the doorway, it has a lockable feature that provides a sturdy and stable barrier to safeguard the building's interior along with a strong, watertight seal around the outer portion of doors that have little or no weather stripping, thereby protecting the entire building from rising waters. It helps prevent costly damage to a building's interior and simplifies post-flood cleanup work.

The Flood-Protect Door Shield is quick and easy to use, and helps avoid the messy and time-consuming process of having to fill sandbags. The Flood-Protect Door Shield is also lighter and easier to handle than sandbags. Unlike sandbags, the Flood-Protect Door Shield can be used again and again. In an emergency, it's ready to use anytime, saving valuable time that would be wasted in filling sandbags.

It is easily removable because it does not need permanent attachment to the building walls or door frame, but when positioned within the doorframe, expands to fit the width of the doorway frame, and locks in place.

Benefits and features include:

adjustable and fits all doors
installs in minutes
impervious to rotting and mold/mildew accumulation
is quickly removable, no permanent installation is needed
reusable, can be used over and over again [only requires minor maintenance when replacing the worn outer seals]
anchored to prevent unit from shifting or being washed away
fully tested and proven with the use of a working prototype
may be produced in a range of sizes to accomodate all doors, including garage and sliding glass doors
not only will the Flood-Protect Door Shield fit into any door frame, it will also fit into any entranceway that is made of concrete, tile flooring, stucco, and sealed wood
can be made in various colors and styles to fit any entranceway or other special application
no special training or tools are needed to install the Flood-Protect Door Shield

The frame would be made out of a sturdy fiberglass material, while the shield would be made of a strong plexiglass material, with a sealant to secure the frame in place. It can be produced in a range of sizes, thereby enabling it to be used on most residential doors, including sliding glass doors. It can be sized to fit single and double garage doors. It can also be adapted for commercial doors.

Target market:

Homeowners and business owners throughout the country, whether in low, moderate or high risk flood-prone areas.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: Flood-Protect Door Shield Booth: # 424
Contact: Andre Vaughn Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 15292 SW 104 Street #11-33, Miami, FL 33196
Phone: (786)256-3548 (h)
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