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Cyberbooth #422
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The Golf Stand TM
Category: Sports and Recreation

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Golf is a popular high-end $60 billion industry with 57 million golfers worldwide and provides a wide range of necessary equipment, accessories, and apparel. Though golf clubs are the most crucial piece of equipment, and often expensive, the shafts can easily get bent and the clubheads damaged/marred during the process of transportation in a vehicle.

When a golf bag full of clubs is placed in the trunk of a vehicle, the golf bag can roll over, or the clubs can slide out of the bag due to the weight of the golf club heads as the vehicle makes right or left turns or travels over bumpy roads.

As a result, the golf club heads often become damaged or marred and shafts bent due to the the metal club heads bumping, jostling, and scraping against each other or other objects in the trunk or cargo space. This effect is multiplied when more than one golf bag is transported together.

There are no available solutions to solve this problem on the market today.

The Golf StandTM

The Golf StandTM is an accessory item that is placed in the car trunk and holds and supports the collar (open end) of the golf bag in an elevated position, so that the golf bag and clubs remain upright and securely in place without sliding out.

Since golf clubs must be constantly transported between the home or office to the golf course, or even kept in the car trunk when not in use during the summer months, the Golf StandTM is an important tool that helps prevent bent shafts and deterioration of the club heads.

The Golf StandTM is an easy to use tool which is designed to remain stable and secure in the car trunk while elevating the open end of the golf bag, thus keeping the golf heads off the bottom of the trunk.

The Golf StandTM is an inexpensive and lightweight accessory item.

Target market:

Golfers of all skill levels and ages.
Note: This product can also be adapted to other industries, for example, to transport certain tools or other sports items.

Note: Product is patented and can be renamed.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensing or sale of the patent.

Contact information

Product: The Golf StandTM Booth: # 422
Contact: Michael L. Young Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 3405 Roxie Dr., Oak Point, TX 75068
Phone: (214)460-9900
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