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Cyberbooth #421
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Time DotTM
Category: Industrial, Household, Medical, Office Supplies

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The Problem To Be Solved:

There are many industries where it's critical to track the expiration date of a product, commodity, or process. The most common method is to have expiration dates or sell-by dates printed on items like perishables, medications or baby food. In many cases instead of having dates printed on them it is up to the user to track the deadlines with manual inspection and written logs. But these methods are often cumbersome, time and labor consuming, and not always accurate.

In the consumer arena where people must juggle work, family and day to day tasks, it's important to be able to keep track of a large multitude of deadlines including bill payments, aging food products, automobile tire rotations & oil changes, car maintenance and registration, medical and dental appointments, vacations, meetings or sports activities, etc. for all family members. Most people currently use calendars and electronic planners that help but which, due to limited time constraints, don't always get updated and used consistently. So keeping track of deadlines is often a hit and miss process which creates a lot of stress.

Time DotTM Features and Benefits:

The Time DotTM is a simple-to-use disposable device used for tracking deadlines, expiration dates and elapsed time. Time DotTM is a small round item approximately the size of a quarter [though it can also be larger or smaller, as well as manufactured as a rectangle] which is activated by the user and sticks to most surfaces. Once activated, it utilizes an electro-chemical process to change color and signal the end of the desired elapsed time.

The elapsed time periods can range from minutes and hours, to days or months. The common duration periods can be made in 30, 60, and 90 day durations, with shorter or longer timeframes easily customized for clients with specialized needs. Once used, they are disposable.

"Smart" Time DotTM version: Additionally, there are many stages in the food industry during the processing, transportation, retail shelving, etc. where spoilage can occur due to temperature changes. A special "smart" version can be made for items like refrigerated foods, which reacts to temperature increases by automatically shortening the expiration date. If for example the temperature increases, normal shelf-life of a refrigerated item shortens although the printed sell-by date does not change. How many people have purchased milk products within the printed sell-by date only to find it to be spoiled when opened?

The uses for Time DotTM are wide in scope including the following:

Medical uses:
blood banks, supplies and other medical products and medications which need to be refrigerated. The "Smart" Time DotTM would help ensure properly tracking the lifespan and status of these sensitive products.

Industrial uses:
checkmark artmost industrial, commercial and institutional equipment needs to be maintained according to a predetermined schedule, such as ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting equipment

Retail uses:
checkmark artwith the "Smart" Time DotTMversion, supermarket retailers can avoid selling milk, poultry, eggs, beef and other perishable foods that might be spoiled, due to being subjected to increased temperatures during shipping
checkmark artretailers of electronic products including televisions, stereos, kitchen appliances, as well as furniture, automobiles, etc. can easily track their inventory deadline dates in order to discount and sell them before they incur interest charges from the manufacturers
checkmark artrestaurants, school cafeterias, etc. can use the Time DotTM to help ensure the freshness of their food items

Consumer uses:
checkmark artto track automobile maintenance due dates [oil changes, brakes, belts & blades]
checkmark artto track how long containers of food have been in the refrigerator
checkmark artto track events such as doctor and dentist appointments, or birthdays and anniversaries
checkmark artto determine when bills need to be paid

Business uses:
checkmark artto track files and folders that need periodic attention in the office
checkmark artthey can be used by states on car license plates to help law enforcement easily determine expired car registrations

Target market:

Medical facilities, food manufacturers, retailers and warehouses, consumers.

Note: Product is patented, US6,822,931 B2 & US6,801,477 B2.
Additional Patents and C.I.P's Pending

Inventor is seeking:

Partners For Development, Manufacturing, Marketing, Licensing & Financing.

Contact information

Product: Time DotTM Booth: # 421
Contact: Fritz Braunberger Title: President
Organization: Vision Works, LLC
Address: 1989 Ransgate Circle Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Phone: 805 402-4979
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