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Cyberbooth #420
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JB Miracle SockTM
Category: Personal Care

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JB Miracle SockTM
The Problem To Be Solved:

Many individuals develop a thick, rough, dry skin on the heels of their feet. This condition is known as "hyperkeratosis". In severe cases this condition can produce unsightly cracks on the feet and can be very painful and more difficult to treat.

Cosmetic moisturizing creams and pedicures are the traditional non-prescription treatments for this unsightly foot condition. But for more advanced cases dermatologists prescribe cellophane wraps to be applied to the feet after an ointment or moisturizing cream is rubbed on. This type of treatment is effective at intensifying the therapeutic or moisturizing process.

The JB Miracle SockTM

The JB Miracle SockTM utilizes both the cosmetic and dermatological concept to soften and provide treatment for rough, dry, cracked feet. The JB Miracle SockTM is easy to use, it is made of a washable/breathable soft cotton spandex material with a non latex vinyl lining inside, and has non-slip grips on the soles.

Simply apply the over-the-counter moisturizing cream or ointment to the feet and slip on the sock. No prescription is needed!

The JB Miracle SockTM allows the feet to absorb the cream, or ointment much faster without rubbing off, which in turn helps speed up the healing process.
This project proposes to embrace both concepts of intense dermatological therapy and cosmetic pedicure treatment of the feet. In my opinion this idea to vacillate intense therapeutic cosmetic therapy of the foot is unique and has not been previously seen in thepodiatric cosmetic industry. JB Miracle Sock is going to speed up the healing process for many people with this problem. I applaud the inventor for thinking of such a convenient system!
Dr. Liegeois-Kwon served as chief resident in the department of Dermatology at Harvard University.

The JB Miracle SockTM is available in two colors: black to walk around; and white for lounging. Socks may be worn for long or short periods of time.

Target market:

Individuals with rough, dry feet.

Inventor is seeking:


Note: Product is patent pending.

Contact information:

Product: JB Miracle SockTM Booth: 420
Contact: Joyce Beaman Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 2810 N. Croskey St. Philadelphia, PA 19132
Phone: 215 227-0384 / 215 228-1776
Homepage: Official Web Site:
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