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Cyberbooth #419
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Insta-LightsTM System
Category: Beauty and Health

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Whether it's natural highlights, lowlights, or fun colorful streaks, hair highlights are a very popular trend today. Yet the process of traditional hair highlighting, and its ongoing maintenance, can be expensive at the salons.

Home methods utilize mixtures which can be messy, unpredictable, and require repeat applications which can cause damage to the hair - sometimes requiring costly corrective procedures at the salons. With the wild colors, teens use color dyes that are messy to apply and washout with every shampoo.

Hair highlights can also be created by adding hair extensions to one's hair, but the usual procedures involve semi-permanent attachment methods [i.e. weaving, bonding, or adhesives] that need to be professionally done by a hairstylist. They're also inflexible because it's a 3 to 4+ hour, expensive manual process, that are usually left in for months at a time, and require ongoing periodic maintenance as well as removal.

Insta-LightsTM System

Researched and developed by a 16-year veteran motion picture industry hairstylist to the stars, the Insta-LightsTM System combines a variety of elements with innovative techniques to eliminate the normal expense of hair highlighting methods, and make it affordable and easy for anyone to do-it-yourself at home.


with New Attachment Comb
with Metal Combs
(+) The only new comb developed in well over a decade.  
(+) New, patent-pending attachment comb is made of durable plastic and designed to hold better in the hair without causing damage. (-) Metal combs have teeth that bend out of their original shape, causing them to cut into the scalp. This comb slips out of the hair easily so constant re-adjustments are required.
(+) One segment of Insta-Lights covers a large area. (-) Requires 4 to 6 individual pieces to cover the same area.
(+) Stays in place, creating more even hair ends without the hassle of constant re-adjusting. (-) With individual pieces, each piece slipping at different times is inevitable, causing uneven hair ends and the need for constant re-adjusting.
(+) One segment is cost effective. (-) While 4 to 6 individual pieces cost more and do less.
(+) More natural at the scalp. (-) More bulky at the scalp.
(+) Blends easily into most all hair colors, looking extremely natural. (-) Does not blend in easily, looking "patchy" and unnatural.
(+) Allows wearers the ability to create "chunky" highlights, "fine" highlights, or both simultaneously because of the patent-pending sliding hair design. (-) The only systems presently on the market do not allow wearers the choice to have "chunky", "fine", or both highlights simultaneously nor instantly.

Along with these positive effects, Insta-Lights also:

  • Allows consumers the ability to combine (mix or match) two or more colors into their hair.

  • Allows the consumer to "not be stuck" with whatever they left the salon with...including the price for upkeep every four to six weeks.

  • Has high-quality, 100% human hair with colors that do not fade nor turn brassy.

  • Allows for cutting and styling while wearing due to the attachment combs.

  • Reacts like the wearer's own hair.

  • Allows the consumer to achieve true blond colors without the need for bleach and/or color, therefore chemical damage is non-existent.

  • Allows for teens or anyone to take a family photo with "normal" hair, then add colors for a pep rally or evening out for a more wild look, or simply for a different look.

Target market:

Women and men of any age from the early teens through senior citizens, as well as targeting the Latin and African-American consumer which is a very large market because ethnic hair tends to be more fragile and breaks due to the harsh chemicals of coloring.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information

Product: Insta-LightsTM System Booth: # 419
Contact: Margie Salinas Title: Representative
Organization: n/a
Address: 14003 Delta Grove, San Antonio, TX 78247
Phone: 210 496-6585
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