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Cyberbooth #418
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The Quick LiftTM Post Remover /
Barbed Wire Roller

Category: Industrial

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The Quick LiftTM Post Remover
The Problem To Be Solved:

There are several types of fences that are built for long term use on agricultural lands. They all require setting anchor and corner posts which are the key support of the fencing.

Even though permanent fences can last 25 to 30 years, in many geographic areas the corrosion caused by storms i.e. lightning, flooding, and wind damage, can damage fences and require early replacement of rotted or crooked wood anchor and corner posts.

Whether wood or metal, most posts are dug or machine driven into the land extending several feet below the ground. Some are even set in concrete or cement.

Thus replacing or repairing anchor and corner posts can be a major expense due to the high costs of labor, equipment and materials when hiring contractors to do the work.

Current methods include:
1. Drilling holes next to the post to pull out the post, which can be dangerous and create liability problems. For example, if the drill hits a root, the drill can jump out of the user's hands and cause an accident.

2. Tractors and four-wheelers are also used to remove posts, yet due to land configurations, they don't always fit everywhere, for example, around trees, bushes, etc.

3. Shovels are used to manually remove the dirt for several feet below the ground around the post, which often takes several men and a lot of time in order to loosen it and pull it out.

The Quick LiftTM Post Remover

Yet many times, only one or two posts need to be replaced on a farm, ranch or property. The Quick LiftTM Post Remover is a single tool that enables one person to manually and effortlessly remove a post.

It easily attaches to the post and the cable exerts so much leverage and torque that it easily pulls up and removes any size post, whether made of metal or wood, directly out of the ground. Thus, one person can do all the fencing himself without help.

The Quick LiftTM Post Remover is lightweight, easy to move, and can be used in hard to reach places such as around trees and bushes.

Barbed Wire Roller

Barbed wire fences are the more cost-effective, and are thus the most commonly used type of fencing for agricultural lands. Traditional barbed wire fencing uses 4 strands of wire stretched between, and stapled to, each post.

Barbed wire is sold in large heavy rolls, and typically, a some type of pole is inserted into the roll and one person holds the pole on either side of the roll, while a third person unravels and stretches the wire to staple it to the post. This is dangerous because carrying the heavy roll of barbed wire requires balance and coordination, and if one person loses one's footing, the barbed wire can easily injure the carriers during the process.

The Barbed Wire Roller is a wheeled cart specially designed to load and carry rolls of barbed wire, eliminating the need for two people to hold the roll on either side. This enables just one person to unroll, stretch, and staple the barbed wire to the posts.

With the The Barbed Wire Roller, it not only unravels the roll, but can wind it backwards too if too much was pulled out. It's simple to use and works great around trees, across creeks and other to reach places.

Both tools together allow one person to remove posts and do any fencing work.

Target market:

Agricultural farms, ranches, and property owners. Fence builders, fence repairers.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information:

Product: The Fence Post Remover / Barbed Wire Roller Booth: 418
Contact: Daniel and Nancy Fritts-Saavedra Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: P.O. Box 423 Grapeland, TX 75844-0423
Phone: 936 687-2666
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