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Opti-Cool SunshadesTM
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Cyberbooth #416
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Opti-Cool SunshadesTM
Category: Personal Care

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Opti-Cool Sunshades Kit

Turn Your Prescription Glasses
into UV Protected Sunglasses in seconds
The Problem To Be Solved:

The depletion of the world's ozone layer has resulted in more and more exposure of people to ultra violet [UV] rays from the sun.

According to the Sunglass Association of America, though not all scientists agree, there is some research that suggests that daily exposure to UV rays in very bright sunlight over a period of many years could affect a person's vision with eye complications such as cataracts, etc.

While sunglasses were originally worn as a fashionable accessory item to reduce the glare of the sun, it is now recommended that people wear UV treated sunglasses to protect the eyes while outdoors.

Opti-Cool Sunshades Kit:

Rather than deal with cumbersome clip-on sunglasses, or need to carry an extra set of glasses and switch between regular eye glasses and sunglasses, the Opti-Cool Sunshades Kit enables you to quickly convert your regular or custom prescription glasses into 99% UV treated sunglasses.

The kit includes a new Cling Vinyl film treated for UV that reduces glare and protects eyes from dangerous UV rays. It's an adhesive-free custom vinyl which adapts to virtually any style, shape, size or brand of prescription glasses. First you trim the film with scissors to fit your specific eyeglasses. It works well with any standard and bi-focal glasses. The Cling Vinyl material is then placed onto the glass and stays on firmly, yet leaves no film or residue when you remove it from the glasses.

They're reusable, so when you remove the Cling Vinyl, you can easily store them in the protective sleeves enclosed with the kit, and put them in your billfold or purse until you need them again.

Exposure to UV rays occurs year-long, summer or winter. The Opt-Cool Sunshades Kit is excellent as a beach accessory, as well as for the sports fishermans tacklebox, or when you need full sunblock and glare reduction when working in the yard.

At just $4.99 for the Opt-Cool Sunshades kit, it's also great to have one as a back-up for those times when you [or someone with you] lose, break or just leave your regular sunglasses at home. Each kit has enough film for 8 to 12 lenses,which is less than .65 cents for each pair of glasses. And, remember that the vinyl film is reusable, it can be removed and put back on the glasses in seconds.

  • Custom fit to any size and style of glasses!
  • Static cling vinyl film attaches to the inside of your glasses
  • 99% UV protection
  • Reusable
  • Each kit has enough film for 8 to 12 lenses

Note: The Tinted film will be available in different colors in the near future.

Target market:

Consumers who wear prescription glasses.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:

The product is available for wholesale and retail sale. Available for licensing, private label, or exclusive licensing rights.

Contact information

Product: Opti-Cool SunshadesTM Booth: # 416
Contact: Donald Samborski Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 5335 Ox Trail SW, Pillager, MN 56473
Phone: 218 746-4475 / cell 218 820-2513
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