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Cyberbooth #411
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Pet Oasis TM
Category: Pet Supplies

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Prototype of
the Pet OasisTM is available.
The Problem To Be Solved:

Dog owners who love to take their dog[s] with them to the park, beach, or anywhere they go, as well as travelers or campers with pets, know how cumbersome it can be to provide water for pets on the road.

The common method is to take along a pet bowl in the vehicle, then try to find a water source wherever they go. Pet owners then fumble around finding the pet bowl in the car, manually filling up the bowl with water from a water fountain or container - repeating the process each time the pet gets thirsty.

The Pet OasisTM is the simple way to provide water for pets on the go. It's a combination water cooler with a pour spout for people on top, with a built-in, pull-out pet bowl unit on the bottom of the cooler, and a spigot outlet right above bowl, so the bowl can be filled with water instantly and efficiently, whenever and wherever needed.

Where most other products have small openings and are difficult to fill or messy to use, the Pet OasisTM features a large removable lid on top, which allows users to easily fill it with ice and water. The lid seals tight so there are no leaks or spills. To store the bowl, just push it back in and lock.

Where other products are flimsy, poorly constructed and break easily, the Pet OasisTM is sturdy.

    Features include:
  • it's an all-in-one unit
  • it's neat and simple to use
  • it has a comfortable carrying handle

The Pet OasisTM can also be customized with colors and be manufactured in a variety of sizes, as well as customized with company slogans or logos. For example, law enforcement officials can add "NYPD K-9" on the Pet Oasis units for their dogs. The military can use "USMC WAR DOGS", or the Guide Dog Foundation can include their logo, etc.

Target market:

Dog owners. Organizations that utilize dogs in their operations such as law enforcement, the military, the Guide Dog Foundation.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information
Contact: Thomas J. Segreto Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 47 First Avenue, Medford, NY 11763
Phone: 516-658-7067
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