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Cyberbooth #405
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Category: Safety

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Every day, thousands of children, teens, adults, and seniors are injured or die due to fires because they didn't have an adequate number of properly working smoke alarms in their homes.

While research shows that 94% of homes in the U.S. have at least one smoke alarm, more than eighty million smoke alarms in the U.S. are more than 10 years old. Smoke alarm manufacturers state that smoke alarms should be replaced after 10 years, therefore most smoke alarms in use are considered "non-functional".

This problem is due to the fact that today's state-of-the-art smoke alarms are often hard to reach and are thus time consuming and difficult to install, maintain or replace. Thus no one knows whether or not they work until an actual fire erupts and then it's too late.

Smoke alarms fail most often due to simple reasons such as missing, dead or disconnected batteries, thus the Alarm Arm® makes the process of removing/replacing an existing alarm to check the batteries, or installing a new smoke alarm, an easy and quick process without a ladder or other tools.

Due to the incredible ease of use and time saving benefits of Alarm Arm® smoke alarm mounting systems, the number of properly functioning smoke alarms will increase, thus saving lives, reducing injuries, and reducing property damage due to fires. Risk of injury or death due to ladder falls is also eliminated with the Alarm Arm®.

In a demonstration with this product, even a four year old was able to install and remove a smoke alarm from a ten-foot ceiling – completely unassisted. In addition to the general public, specific groups such as seniors and the physically challenged will benefit greatly from this product.

The Alarm Arm® smoke alarm mounting system is available in two formats:
---> it can either be integrated into the design of current smoke alarms at the manufacturing stage,
---> or it can be sold as an add-on product in a universal mount configuration which will accept any typical "off-the-shelf" smoke alarm.

The Alarm Arm® technology can be utilized with any type of alarm, single-station or hard-wired. As new technology is introduced, consumers can effortlessly upgrade to the latest "state-of-the-art" technology with minimum effort or hassle.

A video, product brochure, and much more information is available on our website

Timothy McGreal is the president of SafetyWise LLC and the inventor of the Alarm Arm® smoke alarm mounting system. He is a registered Professional Engineer [P.E.] employed at a safety consulting firm in the Chicago area and has also been a product development specialist for a decade. McGreal has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. Among the companies that he has developed products for are Raytheon Missile Systems, Abbott Laboratories, and Motorola Cellular. McGreal holds a Master of Science degree in Fire Protection Engineering and has attended hundreds of hours of specialized training at many fire protection product manufacturers. He is a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE).

Target market:

Households - home owners and apartment owners/dwellers in the U.S. and internationally.

Note: The Alarm Arm® name is trademarked; there are worldwide patents pending on the technology, as well as numerous provisional patents and trade secrets.

There are also offshoots and additional uses for this technology as well (i.e. store signage, etc.).

Inventor is seeking:

I am interested in commercializing this product, preferably by licensing/selling the patent rights, however I will also consider investors as well.

Contact information
Contact: Timothy R. McGreal Title: Inventor and President
Organization: SafetyWise LLC
Address: n/a
Phone: (708) 351-9196
Official Web Site:
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