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Cyberbooth #392
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Aquarium Splendor of Color Lighted Figurines
Category: Pets

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Aquarium enthusiasts usually focus their attention on which kind of fish to purchase, and on getting the proper fish tank equipment. Yet lighting and the aquarium decorations are equally important aspects for the home aquarium.

Bright hood lights are the usual method of lighting a fish aquarium, but when turned off, leave the aquarium unlighted and the fish completely in the dark. Thus most people don't turn off the main light because they want to be able to see their fish. Yet fish require that the harsh lighting be turned off overnight in order for them to be able to sleep.

The Aquarium Splendor of Color Lighted Figurines are both beautiful aquarium ornaments AND a lighting product, that will provide a beautiful display of color when the hood lights are turned off.

Simply turn off the bright hood lights on your aquarium and turn ON the soft vivid colors of the lighted objects and figurines that will turn your aquarium into a magnificent wonderland of color, beauty, and enjoyment for you and your fish.

The aquarium figures and objects include beautiful sea objects including coral shapes, various types of shells, starfish, seahorses, sea urchin bubbles, etc. The difference is that these are made of urethane resins using molds made from real sea shells, starfish, coral, etc. with Light Emitting Diodes [L.E.D.s] encapsulated and embedded in the resins to provide a completely water resistant light safe for aquarium use. Small discs are also available to illuminate caves or rock formations.

They are safe under water because all the electrical components are encapsulated in the resin. When powered up by a tiny transformer using low voltage, the shells, corals, and objects come on to display brilliant and vivid colors of light.

Up to six of these objects can be lit using 1 small transformer [wall wort] and a power distribution box where 6 or more objects can be plugged into the small box that is powered by the transformer. Simply put the transformer delivers power to the box and each plug-in on the box is receiving the voltage from the transformer.

  • They are easy to clean using a sponge or brush
  • They are safe for the fish
  • Several vivid colors are available
  • There are no bulbs to replace or burn out
  • They are durable and long lasting

Target market:

Home and professional aquarium owners.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:


Contact information
Contact: Garland Jones Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: 8006 Grenoble St. Amarillo TX 79110
Phone: 806 355-5631
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