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Cyberbooth #379
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Jack Rigney Product Line:
Sweepn, Mixn

Category: Household

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About Jack Rigney Design:

Jack Rigney Design creates household products, with ergonomic designs primarily geared for people who are physically challenged with physical ailments [such as arthritis, limited bilateral hand use, etc.] as well as the increasing numbers of the elderly who face the obstacle of diminished strength and mobility problems. Products are designed to be less stressful on the hand and arm joints, with the aesthetics and angles of the designs contributing to the ease of use.

Sweepn and Mixn, presented in this cyber-booth, are both patented, but there are several other products that are already developed and in the patent pending stage. Please contact the inventor to inquire about these other products.

Contract Freelance Product Design Services:

Jack Rigney Design is also available on a contract freelance basis to assist with designing products for companies. [Please note that Jack Rigney works with independent inventors on a limited, case-by-case basis.]

Jack Rigney Design utilizes old school freehand art skills, which he believes helps designs better products that are more ergonomic and people oriented.

Sweepn - Hand-held Sweeper and Dust Pan

Sweepn is a set with three pieces including a dustpan, a brush and a waste can. Normally debris is swept ONTO a precarious flat surface, which requires repetitive attempts to make sure everything stays within the dust pan. With Sweepn's design, debris is swept INTO a holding cavity where it remains. Both the brush and waste can feature easy grip designs. The unique exaggerated lip handle permits the fingers to hook naturally underneath for comfortable and easy control, versus the protruding handle designs which require the entire hand to twist and grasp in an awkward manner. When not in use, all pieces nest within the container for easy storage. It also doubles as a trash container.

Mixn - Mixing Bowls Set

Traditional mixing bowls force the hand into an awkward vertical grip which creates a stirring, not a mixing motion. Jack Rigney Design has altered the traditional mixng bowl shape into an elliptical shape which allows for the natural back and forth wrist motion when mixing. The unique design also forms natural and efficient pour spouts at either end, creating ease with both bowl holding as well as pouring functions.
  • Easier to mix ingredients
  • Secure grip for most users when mixing AND pouring
  • Use one third less shelf storage space

Target market:

People who are physically challenged with physical ailments [such as arthritis, himiplegia, limited bilateral hand use, etc.] as well as the increasing numbers of the elderly who face the obstacle of diminished strength and mobility problems

Note: Products are patented.

Inventor is seeking:

A licensing agreement with a company that can make, distribute and sell the products.

Contact information
Contact: Jack Rigney Title: Inventor/Owner
Organization: Jack Rigney Design
Address: 894 Maybrook Drive, Deltona, FL 32725
Phone: 386 574-8914
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